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  1. Pungent

    Strange behavior from greek tort

    Hello everyone, This is my Greek trot named "Cave" i got him 4 days ago This is his current enclosure: I'm building a bigger enclosure at the moment, but I'm waiting for equipment to arrive. The lamp i'm using is keeping the temperature under it as 30 degrees which i know Isn't enough so i'm...
  2. Pungent

    I'm trying to find new food for my tort, wanted to know what this is

    I found this plant growing with our couch grass, can someone ID this? and is it safe to eat?
  3. Pungent

    Tort won't eat anything

    I have a greek tortoise, I put Leaf lettuce and mint out for him. but he would never eat any of it this is his enclosure that im currently using: (i will upgrade to a bigger and better enclosure once equipment arrives) he has a plate of water and a desk lamp that I use for heat, I get him out...
  4. Pungent

    Building a new enclosure in place of my temporary one, any tips?

    Hi everyone! This is my new Tortoise ,"Cave" he is a Greek tortoise and i put him in this temporary enclosure until i get the necessary items for a full-fledged enclosure here is his current home: I'm thinking of getting these items: -...
  5. Pungent

    Greek Tortoise Care Inquires

    Info: -The Tortoise is still young (about 4cm tall) -I live in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia 1.Should I let the turtle roam outside in the sun and if yes, how long and when 2.How long do they sleep and what are their active hours 3.What are the proper temperatures i should be aiming at for...
  6. Pungent

    Wanted to know what species was this tortoise and if identified any care tips?

    I got this turtle earlier today, with its supplies and i wanted to know what species it was, so i can take care of them safely, also how do i distinguish a boy from a girl?