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  1. jensem17

    New enclosure (36x18 terrarium)

    Claw got an upgrade from his bin this weekend. So far he's done a full tour and nibbled every plant at least once. I sprinkled his fave seeds in the substrate (plaintain, dandelion, kale and clover). I know I'll have to upgrade as he grows, but I'm really happy with how this looks right now. :)
  2. jensem17

    Normal shell growth or not humid enough?

    Hi! Claw will be 2 months old tomorrow and has lived with us for 2 weeks. I'm starting to notice shell growth and am wondering if it looks normal. I've searched and read previous threads but I'm still not sure. First pic is when Claw arrived and 2nd/3rd are tonight. I have yet to see Claw...
  3. jensem17

    Quick outdoor enclosure

    Heeded all the warnings about NOT letting your tort run free even if supervised. Spent maybe 30 minutes putting this together. Now Claw can enjoy the last of summer.
  4. jensem17

    Meet "Claw"

    Hello!! "Claw", as my kids have named him, arrived today and he is settling in very well! I soaked him as soon as he arrived, he pooped and has been napping/eating/exploring his enclosure since. He's a wee baby Russian at 1.5 months.
  5. jensem17

    First timer setup for a Russian Tortoise.

    Hello! First I wanted to say how happy I was to find this forum. So much great information! I should have a Russian tortoise landing this week and would like any tips or feedback on their enclousure. :) -clamp (zip ties in 4 different places, I will get a stand next time I'm at the store)...