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  1. Mumsmad123


    I have a 2yr old hermanns tortoise and for the last week or so she has not been eating properly and some days I find her buried in her substrate in the cooler part of her enclosure, could she be trying to hibernate?
  2. Mumsmad123

    Pre alpin testudo food

    Hi guys has anyone here tried this food with their tortoises? I am trying to give mine a varied diet, she has all different leaves dandelion, curly kale to name a few, tomato occasionally, komodo pellets. I did buy some of the pre alpin food and soaked it as suggested and excuse my language but...
  3. Mumsmad123

    Help. Am i stressing out my tortoise?

    I have had my Tiddles for about 3 months, it is eating fairly well but I am not sure if it is suffering from stress. I have a tortoise table setup at home but I go to either my son or my daughter at the weekend. I am recently widowed, 6 months ago, so that is why I visit my kids on the weekend...
  4. Mumsmad123


    Hi everyone my name is Mandy and I live in Reading Berkshire England. I am retired and recently widowed. I got a Hermann's tortoise in October and I am not sure if what I am doing is right or not. I have had reptiles before but this is my first tortoise. I am new to threads and things so please...