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  1. Sweetpea53

    Me and my babies!

    Maybe it wasn’t ok, but we kept our 2 sulcatas together for years with no issues. Of course we thought they were both females, as that is what we had specifically requested from the breeder. They had been incubated to be females. At about 16-18 years old, there was no question they were...
  2. Sweetpea53

    Why would my Sulcata lose a scute?

    That seems like a good idea. We recently moved his girlfriend away. (We always thought, hoped they were both females, per the breeder,) a few years ago they confirmed that was not the case. Finally just decided to separate them so he is very lonely now. 😩. I’m sure he would love to coco oil...
  3. Sweetpea53

    Why would my Sulcata lose a scute?

    That makes total sense but he has grow quite a bit it those years, and that scute never looked like it was being “ left behind” as everything else continued to grow underneath. It all looked perfectly in order until it didn’t. Really weird, but all seems good, he doesn’t seem to notice, so I...
  4. Sweetpea53

    Why would my Sulcata lose a scute?

    I have a 23 yr old male Sulcata. Today the top scute on his shell fell off?. Many years ago (we believe) he got to close to the heat lamp. The edges around that scute were soft and oozzy for a few days, but all healed and he has been fine for years (5-10 years since that happened). Anyway...