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  1. Flimflambimbam

    Hiding a lot.

    For about the last week or so, Pearl has kind of slowed down her activity. She wants to spend most of her day in her little humid hide. The conditions in her enclosure are spot on (80-100% humidity, above 80 temps). I’m wondering if it’s because she knows winter is coming? Or should I be...
  2. Flimflambimbam


    How often should a baby red foot be poopin? She eats like a horse every day, and poops like once a week. Am I not soaking her enough? I THINK she’s about 8 months old or so. her diet is generally things like Collards, Kale, Celery (stalks and leaves), sometimes a bit of green onion for flava...
  3. Flimflambimbam


    How often does everyone change their substrate? I have a few inches of coco coir in the bottom, and I’ve topped that with like a half inch of cypress mulch. The enclosure stays around 80-90% humidity, and I’ve been super lucky not to find any mold. She usually poops in her water, but any ground...
  4. Flimflambimbam

    Pearl Girl

    Just my chubby lady enjoying a salad.
  5. Flimflambimbam

    Green houses!

    Hi y’all! Show me your enclosures with green house tops! Someone shared theirs on my last post and I thought it was a great idea. I’d love to see what others have done too. Pearl won’t be a baby forever, so I’m already plotting her big tort digs.
  6. Flimflambimbam

    Suggestions on sealing Pearl’s enclosure?

    Hey tortoise people 😁 so I’m going to attempt to seal off the screen top of Pearl’s (she’s our Red Foot for reference) enclosure today so that we can get the proper humidity going on in there. She’s been acting a little sluggish, and she didn’t eat yesterday. I got bad substrate advice and she’s...
  7. Flimflambimbam

    Shell rot?

    Hi! So I’ve had Pearl for about a month, and this is my first tortoise. I kept red ear sliders years ago, but I’ve never had a land shell friend before her and she is my BFF. So, I’m not sure if this is normal looking on her bottom shell or if she has shell rot? It was never an issue in my...
  8. Flimflambimbam


    Hi! This is my Red foot, Pearl!