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  1. verda

    Babies on the way

    #1 baby sure does stand out, can't wait to see the rest of them.
  2. verda

    Babies on the way

    Yay! Congrats. Such a cute baby!
  3. verda

    Babies on the way

    Congrats!!! How exciting and can't wait to see the babies. :)
  4. verda

    Elohi's leopard group

    All your shell babies are so darn cute!
  5. verda

    Elohi's leopard group

    Is it me or is October looking a lot like Beans as that baby grow.
  6. verda

    box turtles from dovelett15

    Hi I just bought 2 box turtles from dovelettle15 (Martha) one was an eastern yearling and a juvie hybrid. They both arrived in great health and the shipment was packed really well. I would definitely recommend her box turtles, and she replies to any questions I had and sent me pictures. I was...
  7. verda

    Starting to marble

    Bruce Wayne looks great! I hope my babies will marble some day too, it's so exciting to see yours do so.
  8. verda

    Today marks...

    She has grown so much and so fast ... too cute!
  9. verda

    Update on two of the 2014 holdbacks

    They sure are pretty
  10. verda

    Update on two of the 2014 holdbacks

    I can't stop looking at them! Thank you so much for the updates ^_^
  11. verda

    New Redfoot Enclosure, lots of pictures!

    That look so amazing!
  12. verda

    Possible Grand Opening of our facilities. Would you come?

    I think me and my hubby might be able to make it, just need head notice on the exact date so we can find a pet sitter for my dogs & shell babies.
  13. verda

    Today marks...

    She is so cute!!!
  14. verda

    Today marks...

    Awww! So cute :)
  15. verda

    Today marks...

    Aww... so cute. It will be a long wait, but one day I might be lucky enough to hatch 1 egg also(just one). Thank you all for sharing your pics, it's so exciting just to see the pics
  16. verda

    My two new babies

    Congrats on your new babies :)
  17. verda

    Biology is so cool

    Wow, love it!
  18. verda

    (update) Siblings-why genetics are fun

    Wow! So pretty ... I am falling inlove with cherryheads more and more.
  19. verda

    Cherryhead & Black cherryhead?

    That was really interesting to it! Learned so much from everyone here...Thanks!
  20. verda

    Pictures of Beans (October)

    Great it!