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  1. verda

    box turtles from dovelett15

    Hi I just bought 2 box turtles from dovelettle15 (Martha) one was an eastern yearling and a juvie hybrid. They both arrived in great health and the shipment was packed really well. I would definitely recommend her box turtles, and she replies to any questions I had and sent me pictures. I was...
  2. verda

    Cherryhead & Black cherryhead?

    What's the difference in a Cherryhead & Black Cherryhead? I see ppl advertising Black Cherryheads for sale, and was wondering is there anything special about them or different. Thanks!
  3. verda

    eastern box turtle...

    I was wondering if we need a permit to keep a cb eastern box turtle in Texas? I was thinking about buying a hatchling but wasn't sure about this.
  4. verda

    new cherryhead redfoot hatchling ....

    I found out that my family will be getting me a cherryhead redfoot hatchling for my birthday this coming week. Before it gets here I am getting his/her indoor enclosure ready, would a 40 gal tank be ok to house a hatchling for now? And should I get a CHE ( how many watts ? ) what should the...
  5. verda

    can female tort w/ irregular scute lay fertile eggs?

    I was just wondering if female tortoise with an irregular can lay fertile eggs?
  6. verda

    Craiglist Houston ( sully)

    Saw this in houston craiglist if anyone local is interested.
  7. verda

    My new leo baby...

    My new addition to the Sunny!
  8. verda

    My little french bulldog might have a brain tumor.

    My 2 1/2 yrs old french bulldog might have a brain tumor, he is showing all symptoms of it. The vet will check him out tomorrow. I have been crying so much, I'm so worried. The wait just to know is very hard to handle, has anyone here gone threw something like this.
  9. verda

    Soaking baby torts...

    I was wondering some soak their tortoises for 30 minutes, for us if we soak for 30 minutes our skin will get all wrinkle and irritated, would they feel this too?
  10. verda

    Leopard baby won't eat hibiscus...

    I was wondering if my baby leopard will ever eat hibiscus leaf/flower, I have them in my backyard and try so many times feeding it to him but he wont touch it.
  11. verda

    feeding cactus to baby leopard..

    I was wonder how I am suppose to feed cactus to my 6 months old leopard tortoise. I wanted to add it to his outdoor enclosure and was wondering is it ok to do that, would the needles on the cactus harm him in any way?
  12. verda

    Soon to be new outdoor enclosure...

    Just got this since it was on sale and I can actually add on to it as my leopard tortoise gets older (only 6 months old atm). I'm going to make a lid for it for security also. But just in case anyone else out there might be interested in this for their tortoises, sale won't last long...
  13. verda

    What's a good size indoor enclosure for a leopard tortoise to grow into?

    Hi everyone, my brother in law is helping me build a bigger indoor enclosure for my baby leopard tortoise to grow into. I was wondering what's a good size and is open or close enclosure best? At the moment my little Otis(name changed again lol) is only 6 months old and he will be my one and only...
  14. verda

    Not eating his greens....

    I got me a 5 month old leopard tortoise(babcocki) almost a week ago, and his eating behavior kinda changed. When I first got him(we will call him for now) ate the greens I gave him with no problem. But then when I started feeding him Mazuri food, he won't eat his greens anymore. I have to chop...
  15. verda

    My new baby...Goku

    Just got him yesterday... he has a tad bit of pryamiding (can't really see it on the pic tho) but I still love him! He was a little dry looking when I got him and looked like he has a few small speck that look like shell rot, so I scrubbed him up with Chlorhexadine and he look so shiny and clean...
  16. verda

    leopard hatchling being a picky eater?

    I got my leopard tortoise hatchling from ATC which is a pretty decent breeder. Since I got him he hasn't eaten anything. I have my set up exactly like what everyone has recommended here and he even has some sunlight outside in his outdoor enclosure. Indoor enclosure basking area is 95 other...
  17. verda

    Hello from Texas!

    Hi everyone, I am so glad to have found this forum. I will be a new tortoise mommy in 2 days, so excited!!! Will be needing a unisex name for my little hatchling. I saw a video of a leopard tortoise on youtube and was hooked, bought one before my hubby can even say no ^_^ . Of course whatever I...