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  1. MPappagallo

    That SOB (South of the Border) Reptile Expo - Oct 26/27 - Hamer, SC

    Just posting to let everyone know That SOB Reptile Expo is coming to Hamer, SC...home of the South of the Border tourist stop. Show will be October 26 and 27 starting at 10am. Check their Facebook page for ticket info and vendor list. (All vendor spots are sold out at this point) This will...
  2. MPappagallo

    Tortoise Sexing Question

    I need help sexing these tortoises.....I took quick pics, but was unable to get tail pics yet. Any guesses based on these pics? Thanks in advance. A is a yellowfoot, all the rest are redfoots. Also....D's tail seems to have a bend in it. Is that okay....or is it a problem of some sort?
  3. MPappagallo

    Outdoor Redfoot Enclosure questions

    I currently have two redfoots. One is a 7" female and one is a 10" male. I am building two new outdoor enclosures for them, and have a couple of questions. My plan is to build low walls using cinder blocks capped with wood planks (approx 18" high total) and each enclosure will be...
  4. MPappagallo

    Our New Indoor Enclosure

    So, I finally finished our new indoor enclosure for our sulcata babies...Dudley and Delilah. I made it into a "Tortie Tiki" since we live near the beach and our whole house is very beachy inside. Do you think they will notice? LOL I love how they both had to check out the new ramp as soon as...
  5. MPappagallo

    Calcium Question

    I have a question about using ReptiCal. I have two 5-month-old sulcatas. They are on a diet of grass and misc weeds from our yard, cactus, hibiscus leaves, blackberry leaves and a bit of chopped zucchini or similar veggie. I also occasionally add a bti of chicory, endive or misc greens from...
  6. MPappagallo

    Meet Humphrey and Harlowe!

    So excited to show off our new babies, Humphrey and Harlowe! We just got them last night, so we have spent today letting them relax and get to know us a bit. Although they were raised together so far, we are putting them into separate enclosures after a day or two. (We want to let them adjust...
  7. MPappagallo

    Any upcoming reptile events in SC or NC?

    I am new to the tortoise world, and I am wondering if there are any upcoming reptile events/shows in the South Carolina or North Carolina area? If not, what would be the closest area to attend a show like this? I have never been to one, and would love to have a chance to go. Thanks in advance...
  8. MPappagallo

    Newbie Needing Advice

    I am considerign adopting these two young sulcatas from someone that has only had them for about 4 months. He said they had some "shell disfiguration" when he received them, but that it hasn't seemed to affect them. He stated they are eating and seem to be healthy, but he realized he just...
  9. MPappagallo

    New Tortoise Enthusiast

    Hi there! My name is Michele and I am new to the tortoise world. I have a grown daughter that has been rescuing tortoises in central Texas for several years, and two friends that own large, rescued Sulcatas (almost 100 pounds each), so I have been around tortoises for some time. I am now...