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  1. IRTehDuckie

    8yr MALE Sulcata

    Hello there! I have an 8-year-old MALE Sulcata, He is in healthy shape, around 50-60lbs, no pyramiding.. I am looking for a new forever home for him, I currently live in Michigan but will drive to the south to keep him warm and healthy year-round. Will upload pictures to thread in a bit, I am...
  2. IRTehDuckie

    Where do you Supply from?

    I used to get a mix of seeds online, but the website that i used before is no longer a business sadly. they used custom blends for me while being a repeated customer had my info etc. Since they are no longer a thing, I am having trouble finding a good seed mix for my tortoise that has a nice...
  3. IRTehDuckie

    Male Sulcata for smaller species of tortoise

    Hello! I am looking to rehome a tortoise, a possible trade would be much more desireable. About my tortoise? It is a male! Currently weighing in at 37lbs and only 5 years old. Healthy eater of course, Gibbs is a sulcata haha! Trade? I'll do it for a smaller species, greek, russian, possibly...
  4. IRTehDuckie

    Looking for the BEST Heating pad for sulcata? Opinions?..

    I am looking for the best quality heating pad for a sulcata for the winter time? She is about 40lbs, pretty big 20+ Inches. Cement floor with wood chips / hay/straw. It needs to be durable, a heat temperature monitor, or where you can set a certain temperature. Something legit.
  5. IRTehDuckie

    Best website to buy mice and bugs?

    Ive got a few other animals, and Ive been looking around, but I would like to get outside opinions please!
  6. IRTehDuckie

    Any Tortoise Lovers In Utica, Michigan?

    I have a tortoise who id like to take to parks and explore with.. are there any other members who would do that as well? any tort species. I have a sulcata, 4 years about 40 lbs, Shes a big girl, but id like to get her out of her yard once in a while =] It would just be cool to do it with...
  7. IRTehDuckie

    Free to good home rescue sulcatas

    I have 2 rescue sulcatas that have pyramid, both over 35lbs, and over 20 years old minimum. They have spent most of their lives in a 2x3ft enclosure, with no special lighting, no sunlight, and eating only timothy hay. They have lived a rough life. The last 2 years they have been with me, in a...
  8. IRTehDuckie

    Update on my outdoor enclosure.. 12x72 ft pic heavy

    This is before picture.. last year i was working 2 jobs 18+ hours a day, so all my tort enclosure did was sit there sadly.. but this year its good enough to do things around the house and what not.. here is before pictures lol.. bad i know.. well except for the walkway.. i put that in last...
  9. IRTehDuckie

    Gandalf The Grey ....

    here is gandalf taking his morning stroll... look how majestic lol if you guys remember at all, this is one of the rescues i had gotten from a previous employer.. i have ponly had him one year in total.. but i swear his dip in his shell doesnt look as bad as it did last year.. but maybe thats...
  10. IRTehDuckie

    a little late...

    this is Ted at christmas time... he is 3 and a half years here lol weighing in at 38lbs
  11. IRTehDuckie

    I had to Euthanize my Goldfish..

    Clove oil will Euthanize a goldfish naturally and without physical pain of burning with an alcohol solution. Some people say they can't feel anything anyways, so I dont know .. but here, this is the video I watched.. and this is my fish.. I think he is pretty big, do you guys? or is he...
  12. IRTehDuckie

    Two Hippies & Soap

    If you've been following me, you'll see that me and my husband took a turn for the unexpected.. he quit his job as a software engineer and decided to pick up soap and candle making.. who knew right? needless to say my hubbs is 6'2" and 240lbs.. he is a big guy to be making soap and candles for a...
  13. IRTehDuckie

    Epic Fish Food...

    So, me and my husband believe in order to receive the best, you have to give the best. and because of that we had made our own fish food for our aquaponic system. We didnt realize how good it was until i thought my husband had added different fish, but they were the same ones just had tripled...
  14. IRTehDuckie

    Home Made Bucket Heater...

    i do not have any pictures for you guys currently, but this is an update. It's winter time here in michigan now, my 4 sulcatas have to stay inside the garage/shed for the season, but its too much running a space heater. so the genius husband of mine is making a bucket heater... stay posted for...
  15. IRTehDuckie

    What type of lizard is this?

    Okay, so i got a lizard from this dude, and i love him to bits! He is a super good eater, but doesnt care to be handled, either way im keeping him forever, but i cant figure out what he/she is! Help me please!
  16. IRTehDuckie

    Green Iguana for Baby Tort..

    of any kind!! would love a russian or even a greek, maybe even a pancake tort?
  17. IRTehDuckie

    Huge New Tortoise Enclosure..

    Hey guys and gals, Its been a while, but ive been a busy woman lol Ive currently just set up an outdoor enclosure, 61ft by 12ft. giving my torts 732sqft to roam around in. Its been a lot of work, and my neighbors watching me take different grasses from one area to another and planting it makes...
  18. IRTehDuckie

    Help Please!!

    My neighbor gave me this Map turtle, him and his son found it together when it was a baby and they have had it for 10 years. it is not healthy, i need help to rehabilitate this guy immediately! what can i do about his mouth? (its male) its all chipped and broken away, he doesnt have a beak...
  19. IRTehDuckie

    little sulcata is a meanie! advice?

    so... ive never had this problem before, but my little sulcata is picking on my big one lol They are both Sulcatas, one is about 15lbs, and the little one is maybe 3-5lbs.. and he chases him around and rams him with his shell while he eats... or even when he just walks around.. why? lol...
  20. IRTehDuckie

    Update on Ted!! Pics =]

    Okay, June 16th 2013 Woot Ted is almost 3 years old!birthday being march 1st.. or May.. crant i cant remember right now. feeling like a bad mom! LOL haha Anyways.... here he is with our little 1 1/2 year old, Gibbs [[He's my gramas lol]]