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  1. VegasJeff

    Beaver Dam Slope Desert Tortoise

    I was wondering if anyone has any further information on the Beaver Dam Slope Desert Tortoise that is from Utah and if there is anything unique about them compared to other desert tortoises.
  2. VegasJeff

    Know any good Cat forums?

    I think this forum is awesome. I was wondering if you guys know any good Cat forums?
  3. VegasJeff

    Sunny’s new enclosure

    So quick update, I positively identified my rescue hatchling as a Sonoran Desert Tortoise (Gopherus morafkai). That species is from the other side of the Colorado river so it appears someone may be breeding them here or they were brought from the other side. I named the tortoise Sunny, kind of...
  4. VegasJeff

    Is this the start of pyramiding?

    I’m still learning and don’t feel my setup is optimal yet. I took a picture of him while he was getting a soak. Tell me what you think. I'll post the link to an older picture below this one. Older Picture linked here
  5. VegasJeff

    Are these spots on Desert Tortoise shell ok?

    There are like small circular rings or spots on my baby desert tortoise’s shell. What do you think?
  6. VegasJeff

    Can’t find Orchid Bark, will this work?

    So I checked 4 different places and no orchid bark. I saw this bark at a local plant nursery for $5 and some change. Think it will work ok?
  7. VegasJeff

    Hello from Vegas

    I’ve made a few posts already so it’s time to introduce myself. My name is Jeff and while I heard of desert tortoises before, I never actually saw one until we rescued one. We actually found two desert tortoises in front of the community mailboxes but the 2nd one was already dead. We didn’t...
  8. VegasJeff

    Help me figure out a low budget outdoor enclosure for my hatchling

    Help me figure out a low budget outdoor enclosure for my hatchling. I'm going for this idea so the hatchling can get the proper UV light. This enclosure will be out on my front porch partially behind a column. It's always shaded behind the column so my idea is the tortoise could walk between the...
  9. VegasJeff

    Is Sand An Ok Substrate?

    I'm new to this whole Tortoise thing. I have a hatchling Desert Tortoise. Do you think using Sand for the substrate would be ok? I'm trying to design a low budget outdoor cage that is dog, cat, and bird proof so he gets proper UV light.