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  1. crabby-J

    Redfoots addicted to Mazuri :(

    IM going to open up this thread again and ask a question. I ended up recently finding Lizzy a new home (The one that was addicted to mazuri) because of issues with my others and not having enough room to house her alone, plus I think she needed to be an only tortoise. Anyway I found her the...
  2. crabby-J

    3 y/o Redfoot Tortoise For Sale (Please Read)

    (Sorry this is long-posted elsewhere and copied my post) PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE CONTACTING ME **Located in Roseville, Michigan** 48066 We have a Redfoot tortoise for adoption to a experienced, loving forever home only. He/she have been raised properly, feed correctly and in great...
  3. crabby-J

    Looking for a CB Cherry Head

    Where are you located?
  4. crabby-J

    Redfoots & Cherryheads from Tortoiseyard! (SHOW ME YOUR TORTS!)

    I"m not sure why the picture I posted won't show up anymore (I can't even post pictures in an album on here for some reason!) But I thought I would repost (or try) one of mine from Vicki..lol They are MUCH bigger now BTW LOL From L to R Raymond (Not from Vicki), Lizzy-From Vicki, Josie-From...
  5. crabby-J

    Can anyone tell Raymond's Sex yet?!

    thank you, I know it is still early but driving me mad..lol
  6. crabby-J

    Share your red foot pictures!

    I have 4 of them! They even have a facebook page! lol Raymond 2.5 Years (Left) Lizzy 2 years (Right) Josie (Top) Lizzy Again Bottom Tuesday (Left) Lizzy (Right) Starting Right (With mouth open) Lizzy, Raymond (Middle) and Josie All 4
  7. crabby-J

    Can anyone tell Raymond's Sex yet?!

    Raymond is over 2 years old, can anyone tell what his gender is yet? :P Excuse the poop
  8. crabby-J

    Is this normal for my redfoot?

    Ok need advice, I'll explain since I don't post a lot here but I have 4 tortoises...(2) Redfoots and (2) Cherryheads.. My oldest/largest 2 reds and 1 cherryhead lives together in the same enclosure, my baby cherryhead lives alone in her own enclosure (too small)-my enclosure is fine, temps...
  9. crabby-J

    Sexing my redfoot?

    Raymond just hit his 1 pound mark! He is at least 2 years old, I got him at a few months old back on 10/14/2016 Can you tell (by my crappy pic) what sex he is? He will be a he no matter what, he was born a male in my book..lol HAHA
  10. crabby-J

    2016 Carl May Brazilian cherryheads

    So cute! they look like smaller versions of my Josie :)
  11. crabby-J

    Weirdest colored cherryhead

    Your torts are amazing!!!
  12. crabby-J

    Baby Redfoot(s) Question-Bullying Aggression? Behavior issues...

    Like I said this happened once and it was an accident, they get along fine right now, they are all super tiny still..I keep the tiny cherryhead alone because she is to smal, the larger 3 live together fine now. The Right bottom tort bit my top left on accident, I was just freaked out when I...
  13. crabby-J

    Baby Redfoot(s) Question-Bullying Aggression? Behavior issues...

    God I hope Raymond is a male! Just because he seems so macho and his name is Raymond! Even if he turns out to be female he is still my boy! LOL I don't wish to see the flashing, I have seen pictures and I think I would freak out..lol Raymond is going on 2.5-3 years old so I should have some kind...
  14. crabby-J

    Redfoots & Cherryheads from Tortoiseyard! (SHOW ME YOUR TORTS!)

    OK I hope this is being posted in the right place if not please move but I want to know who has bought a redfoot or cherryhead from the tortoiseyard! I have 3 from Vicki and I adore them! (Not to mention Vicki is great!) I'm just curious to see other peoples babies from there! (Or adults) Did...
  15. crabby-J

    Baby Redfoot(s) Question-Bullying Aggression? Behavior issues...

    Well 3 of the 4 were incubated to be female though that is not always 100% my other I have no clue, I'm ready for when that time comes but for now they are getting along fine, I do notice the different personalities but again they are still really young. I do understand how adult or mature males...
  16. crabby-J

    Need a name for baby cherryhead!

    Hi I should have updated I named her "Tuesday" :) Thanks for all the suggestions though!
  17. crabby-J

    Baby Redfoot(s) Question-Bullying Aggression? Behavior issues...

    Quick update the tortoises are all fine together, I have had no problems at all. I am glad I put them together again!
  18. crabby-J

    Three Toed Box Turtle Southeast Michigan

    Adult Male Three Toed Box Turtle for sale! About 5-7 years old, 6-7' long, healthy, great eater! Very friendly and easy to hold and handle. Purchased 2 but only want to keep one of them! Asking $50 adoption fee. No supplies or cage included. Would prefer someone with boxie experience. Must be...
  19. crabby-J

    Wonderful Female Russian Tortoise For Adoption SE, Michigan

    Elmwood Turtle and Tortoise Rescue has a wonderful Adult Female Russian Tortoise For Adoption NOW! She is healthy, active and a very great eater! She is looking for a loving forever home! Adoption Fee: $50 Cash She is located in Southeast, MI and must be picked up from her foster in Macomb...