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    Indotestudo Forsteni (BW killer)

    Let me be the one to break the silence in this new forum :D:D as some of you may already notice , im from indonesia where there's only 2 tortoises (that already identified until now) so here it is.. she's around 25cm in TL when i first got her , i dont have any clue how to keep a...
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    Radiata Husbandry

    Any of u guys had experienced with radiata ? i've been given a chance to keep this amazing torts but i still dont know how to make an adequate habitat for this torts i quote this from In many ways, Radiated tortoises are like a combination of many other tortoises in terms...
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    My Radiata

    This is my radiata :D .. im still using a simple aquairum and newspaper as substrate.. im still making my torts table.. and im gonna add red dirt + soil.. about 70/30 mix..
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    Substrate Question (another 1 )

    guys im wondering can i use only some kinda "reptile carpet" to keep a tortoise.. would that be healthy for them ? i've been reading from many sources that a tortoise should have a "microclimate" .. therefor a substrate(soil , sand , moss , peat) would be needed.. back here in my...
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    Any Forum For RADIATED Tortoise

    r ther any specified sub forum or forum for radiated tortoise :D ? thanks
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    My Geochelone Radiata

    my radiata eating a hibiscus... comment plz guys
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    Help With Substrate

    whats the best substrate for natural environtment... i want my enclosure to looks natural.. but im afraid of impaction.. so please help me guys :P
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    Hello Guys... (new to forum)

    hello guys.. :D:D .. im excited to join this forum... :D try 2 find more n more info bout tortoise right now i have 5 indian star (geochelone elegans)