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    The waiting is the hardest part...

    It’s been 9 years coming, but the last 7-9 months is the hard part.
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    Lighting thoughts and experience over the past decade

    So, I've bought and used a whole bunch of tortoise lighting over the past decade. I have considered writing down some notes before, but really felt like it would be pointless if I didn't have UV data. So I finally broke down and bought a Solarmeter 6.5R, and got UV index measurements on what I...
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    New enclosures are here!

    That is, unless the kids realize they can make a pool instead...
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    Measuring temperature (I am seeing this done wrong 99% of the time!)

    When measuring temperature in a tortoise enclosure, there are two temperatures that you can measure: - The AIR temperature in the enclosure - The SURFACE temperature in the enclosure Both of these are important. In an enclosed place without light, such as inside a hide box, these...
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    Using pelletized diets for other livestock (horses etc.)

    I know a lot of folks use the Mazuri tortoise diets, myself included. However I recently noticed that there are a lot of similarities with other grazing animal feeds. For example, consider bluebonnet feeds - performance plus complete (info below). This is a horse feed but seems to look pretty...
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    Female tortoises having a flexible plastron at adulthood

    So I've read in a few articles, both scientific and not, that female tortoises of some smaller species will develop a slightly flexible plastron when they start laying eggs. Some articles suggest this is adaptive, but without direct evidence, as it's also obvious that a gravid female will...
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    Anyone know how to incubate chaco tortoise eggs?

    I know it's probably futile given how few have been bred in the US. I have attempted to reach out privately without success, so I'm hoping there's someone lurking out there with information. Are TSD conditions even known for this species? I know they need a diapause and incubate generally...
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    Does anyone know if Loropetalum (chinese fringe flower) is safe for tortoises?

    Anyone know if this plant safe in an outdoor tortoise enclosure? Steve
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    Eggs cooked! (Warning regarding exo-terra incubator)

    OK I'm more than a little unhappy right now. I've been excited all month as my redfoots are laying. But came home from lunch today to find the incubator malfunctioned and eggs cooked. The incubator gauge indicated 39F, but a second thermometer inside was pegged at >140F. After powering...
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    Pyramiding in star tortoises, effects of humidity & lighting

    So, I was going to post this in the burmese star forum but decided I might get more input here. I have 2 burmese stars that I have been raising by a variation of the "closed chamber" approach, but are still pyramiding. No pics at the moment but I'll try to post some tomorrow. Both tortoises...
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    Female redfoot, So Cal

    CB female about 9" long. I have had her for 8 years now. Some pyramiding but otherwise healthy. I will post a picture when I get a chance. Asking 150, prefer not to ship. Located in Santa Barbara. I want to find a buyer on TFO if possible so she will be well cared for. Thanks, Steve
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    PAA growth rates & questions (bleeding from the plastral hinge)?

    First, an update on my 4 PAA: They all became active in May of this year and are growing nicely. I kept measurements for the 2013 growth season and weight gain was as follows (for a 9 month period Feb-Nov). 1. 79 to 145g 2. 64 to 103g 3. 66 to 108g 4. 55 to 109g Now, a couple questions for...
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    Free 125 gal aquarium (Carpenteria, CA)

    Not my listing. Unfortunately I don't have space for it. Steve
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    RT, redfoot, sulcata

    After some deliberation, I have decided to look for new homes for a couple tortoises. This will allow me to focus on groups for eventual breeding, rather than single individuals of a species or type. I don't necessarily need to find homes for all but making them available. I would prefer...
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    My first tortoise eggs! I have a lot of experience keeping but this is my first breeding. These are from a female cherryhead 9" SCL that I raised from a yearling. This is her first time laying eggs. Unfortunately I wasn't adequately prepared and the incubator won't get here until Monday...
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    Chaco - would like to confirm ID & sex

    Chaco's were not on my radar until I found Bill. I am almost certain Bill is a Chaco, and after some research I am thinking sub-adult female. However, I would appreciate confirmation from those with experience with the species. Length is 5.9" SCL, weight 757 g. Age unknown, but the shell...
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    Leopard tortoise in southern CA

    Looks like a leopard mis-identified as sulcata. A bit far for me and don't have space anyways, so passing it on. Steve
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    Hello, My name is Steve, I am 27 years old, married, and live in southern California (for now - I haven't much hope of actually affording a house out here). Overall I have had ~13 years experience with aquatic turtles, mainly map turtles, and 7 years with tortoises. Currently I keep...
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    Wanted: male cherryhead

    Looking for an adult male cherryhead. I would love to get one with a marbled/patterned carapace, but this isn't a requirement. I would be willing to purchase outright, but I also have a 6.5" CB northern redfoot that I am fairly certain is female available as a trade or partial trade if...