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    Good eyes!!! I am convinced by decades of observation that only those that are hard-wired to see turtles will see a baby! She's so cute! Nice way to start your weekend! jeff
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    Need help with identifying

    He's gorgeous but he is very dry...the lines outlining his skin-joints on his neck is a good indicator, you want them hard to see b/c they are kinda moist looking (shows good hydration) or dry sometimes but never that dry. Not your fault and he's not going to croak before you get him squared...
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    Just a couple pics of Matilda....

    Haven't posted any pics for a while so I interrupted Matilda's dinner with the camera....she didn't seem to mind. jeff
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    New Baby Excitement

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful little guy! I'm not sure what others do since I'm now here but little Matilda seems to be enjoying her home. I've re-done it a couple of times since this pic was taken and she's now up to near 25 grams! I use the pad heater with leaf-little above it and...
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    Eastern Box Turtle SUPER WEIRD BEHAVIOR

    " box turtles have Sulcata brains, in small bodies. " That's as funny as this entire thread! LOL....what an accurate observation. Kind of reminds me of when I was in Mexico some 40 years ago and was kinda surprised by all the little guys acting like big guys, no offense, I learned their...
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    Eastern Box Turtle SUPER WEIRD BEHAVIOR

    LMAO.....Chucky the big, stud male......reincarnated. He is a beast! Wow, what a dominate male! That picture with the foot shows the fire in his eyes, great shot! I'm not quite sure I'd qualify that level of dominance as normal but yeah, that's how he rolls! He's the king...
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    october in ohio

    Nice pics, very nice...thanks Got to be getting into the 30s at night by now up there, here we're into the very low 40's a dozen miles North of Annapolis a couple of times last week. The weather changed here about 8-9 days ago, clearly a different feel. People who hang outside, prob nearly...
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    Nice TJ, getting Mom involved is very cool.....tell her that a LOT of the members here are women too! jeff
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    captive box turtles in the great outdoors

    The Bluetooth enabled tracking chips are small and only connect when a BT signal is close. With an overlay map, you could make a cool project out of it! jeff
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    Indoor enclosure and live plants

    FWIW: This may be well known here but new to me; I have a 9w LED bulb on one end of Matilda's clear acrylic home and a Zoolight 10 at the other....she has grass and plants....they all point their leaves to the LED jeff
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    Please identify this box turtle

    THAT's a tough old guy there who has had quite a life! I wonder if he was captive to have worn his hinge so much....maybe repetition but it could be gnawing marks too maybe with his top battle scars? I don't know, but I bet he could tell us all stories if he could talk! jeff
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    Identify this turtle?

    Many, like I did will assign a sex based off the eye color and other ambiguous traits but it's a nice healthy looking guy and it's apparent that you'll take good care of him! Kudos'! jeff
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    captive box turtles in the great outdoors

    Barber25, if you adapt the device to your buddy, you will take out all the fun of trying to find them! I live now, about 3 miles from where I grew up. My only issue with keeping them outside over the years is that now, with loss of habitat, seems like we have a lot more predators in...
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    My turn.........Matilda dragging food into water?

    Thanks for the response PT and very observant is exactly a fridge drawer; and if you look closer, you will see that Matilda is about 4-5 months old now, is in there....she is in the leaf litter sticker her...
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    My turn.........Matilda dragging food into water?

    I have had turtles since I was very young...under 5 and have never seen this behavior before. Matilda drags her food into water sometimes, I'm assuming to soften it? This morning, slices of radishes(2nd fav only to worms) and tomato slices in her FOOD dish.....I just got home and the radish...
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    New diesle

    My friend K1, I know that you might not know this yet.....Tj is a kid, developing a love for turtles.....for me it's been a lifelong love as I hope it has for you, and will be for TJ....... jeff
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    Just a couple pics of Matilda....

    Going over to Kerry's these past couple weekends I was worried that Matilda wouldn't have enough food.....ugh oh, I left too much fruit for her.....fruit flies laid eggs and you know the rest....SOOOOOOOOO Matilda's home got a Make-Over! I felt bad, she was asleep when I took her out.....right...
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    There is another section of the forum for bartering/trading/buying and selling.... good luck! jeff
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    Help identify this little one

    Very cool....yes, pics are nice! Hope he ends up being one of the lucky ones. I've got a Eastern box baby now, never had a baby before and I am in awe of how aggressive she is. Not to me, still a healthy dose of fear I suppose but towards food, she is relentless and fearless, a real...
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    Comment by 'jeff kushner' in media 'C0D1704E-394E-4DB8-BEC4-DA3F12CBA96A.jpeg'

    Someone thinks they are in heaven!!