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  1. wellington

    freezing cactus pads

    Be prepared. That's a lot of cactus. I buy the same size from my local store for about 20 bucks give or take a dollar. Depends on their price at the time. I was shocked the first time I bought it with how many there were.
  2. wellington

    freezing cactus pads

    I have for years used a food processor and diced them up and freeze. A whole pad freezes really well if you have the bag sealing machine that gets all/most the air out. I freeze large bags of leaves with the vacuum sealing bags. They all freeze much better if you can get the air out.
  3. wellington

    What's the most money you wasted on the hobby?

    I have had to return bulbs years ago. Bought wrong size before for a fish aquarium and a couple times with a mvb that wouldn't last more then a day or two. Also have returned mvb online for the same reason as the others. I probably was getting the ones all the dishonest people are returning.
  4. wellington

    quarantine quarantine one more time quarantine.

    I third it.
  5. wellington

    What's the most money you wasted on the hobby?

    Wait, are you calling me OLD school? 😁 I know there are bulbs like that, I don't know of any for aquariums.
  6. wellington

    What's the most money you wasted on the hobby?

    ? A light bulb is not an electronic.
  7. wellington

    Is there a way or tool which can trim the tortoise beak

    I only had to trum once and I too used a toe nail clipper. You can also use a drummel.
  8. wellington

    Winter housing/Prickly Pear blossoms: Can they be frozen for Sulcata?

    I have not froze the fruit but I have the cactus. I use the food processor grind it up then freeze in baggies. I would do the fruit the same way.
  9. wellington

    my 19 years old Chaco tortoise, Bureaucracy

    So cute, their small size make them look like a baby even at an old age.
  10. wellington

    My Latest Endeavor...

    Darn, this video won't play for me. The first video, OMG, too darn cool. Wasted no time getting in. Just amazing.
  11. wellington

    What's the most money you wasted on the hobby?

    Oh but there are so many places that do not check out the returns. Most stores now days won't even ask if something is wrong with the item you are returning. They just take it and put it in their return baskets and eventually it gets put back out for sale. When I return a bad item I purposely...
  12. wellington

    What's the most money you wasted on the hobby?

    Usually what they do is buy the new bulb, take it home switch the bulbs and then return the old burnt out one for a refund in the carton the new one was in. When they try this at the fish store I work at it doesnt work. We test every bulb before it leaves the store.
  13. wellington

    Help identifying possible infection on iguana tail

    Looks like a fungus to me too. The poor thing needs a reptile vet. Talk to the store owner and see what they say. If no mention of a vet or getting treatment then call an animal rescue group to step in.
  14. wellington

    Aldabra not eating much

    Give him time he is new to a strange place he doesn't know. Make sure his temps are correct, 95-100 basking and 80 over all. Keep soaking and giving food.
  15. wellington

    Lighting- So much conflicting info!!

    Glad I could finally help you. You sure have helped me a lot for years😁
  16. wellington

    Lighting- So much conflicting info!!

    What you do have to remember is location. Someone in florida is going to have it easier then someone in Arizona or Ohio or here in Chicago. Tortoises can survive a lot. It the thriving not just surviving that is strived for here. A lot of the FB people don't have a clue of what they are...
  17. wellington

    Lighting- So much conflicting info!!

    That's great and will make it much easier for you. Just hang in there, so many of us have gone thru this. It can get confusing, then something clicks and you totally understand it and then puff, you're totally confused again or Tom or another member discover another bad thing we are doing and...
  18. wellington

    Lighting- So much conflicting info!!

    Don't take it personally. We are here to help and you are one of the lucky ones that found us, is willing to do what you can and to learn. There are so many that come here, ask for help and then disputes everything we try to say. Hang in there. The hardest part is now, getting the enclosure...
  19. wellington

    Lighting- So much conflicting info!!

    Seeing you already have the enclosure and probably can't return it, this is what I would do. I would build up the open area on top with 2x6 boards and put either plexi glass or even better wood on top. This will give you more distance to hang the heat and light from. You could attach a strip...
  20. wellington

    Should I buy incubated male or female?

    I agree males make better tortoises, more out going and you don't have to worry about a female being egg bound. Females still lay eggs even without ever being with a male. That said, there is no guarantee and also no guarantee the breeder did it right as far as the temps being steady.