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  1. tortgirl5

    What does a reduced eye mean?

    No other info was given.
  2. tortgirl5

    Boy girl or both?

  3. tortgirl5

    How’s “ he” looking?

    I will post photos from when I got “ him” to today. There’s obviously growth lines, and have been doing good. I’m extremely paranoid about pyramiding even though I have everything “ correct.” I think this is just some growth, but what do you all think [emoji848]
  4. tortgirl5


    I am a beefy girl [emoji15]
  5. tortgirl5

    Just saying hello

  6. tortgirl5


    I am new here. And I have no idea how to navigate around this site keeps saying I can not share photos.. ( it’s disabled ) or don’t have permission [emoji23] Anyways, I have elongated, Russian, and sulcata.