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  1. maggie3fan

    New Ornata

    So while I was feeding the box turtles at Y's I noticed one who had closed eyes and it was still in the same spot for a couple of days. So I brought it in to Y and she said it was a rescue and hadn't eaten for a while. So I soaked it and set it up in one of her enclosed thingys. I noticed her...
  2. maggie3fan

    YuTai and Simon

    My new friend and neighbor from Taiwan knows nothing about animals, so of course I asked her to take care of my birds, tortoises, turtles and cat. She did an excellent job, except some things she just didn't know. For instance, my Hosta was not for cats to eat. I grow spider plants for the cats...
  3. maggie3fan

    Crazy lady

    So I had a new neighbor from Taiwan take care of my many animals. She said this couple was "having sex to my embarassment", so she opened the entrance to the nesting box. YuTai said that was the birds 'bedroom' so they could mate in private. Oh lordy! That's not a bedroom, it's a nesting box...
  4. maggie3fan

    Mary Knobbins says hi to Lyns

    Mary is now a female and has moved into a larger pen. I can hardly wait to see how she grows. AND, she can't get into any trouble in her new pen. She's eating away at the box turtle pool I'm taking him in tomorrow to the shop I sell my birds, and he will dremel Mary for $5
  5. maggie3fan

    My cats

    I brought cat toys to Y's cats as my cats are tired of the same ole toys, and she gave new cat stuffs to me. This is 12 yr old Smokey. I adopted him last year. This is Simon, he's 6 yrs and 30 lbs, I have had Simon for a year also. Smokey I took Smokey to Y's house. He was the best cat, in...
  6. maggie3fan

    Road trip

    So I drove 760 miles in 11 hours. I don't know if that's good or bad. I had Big Sam in a big covered tote, and my cat Smokey slept under the dash At about Weed (snic) I started to see fire damage, this is all I could get of Mt Shasta My sister doesn't seem to post pictures of her animals, I...
  7. maggie3fan


    I'm going out of town and my neighbor is going to take care of my house, so I was taking her around so she can see, with instructions. The very first habitat we walked up to had a deformed box turtle upside down under a CHE. She was so hot I'm surprised she didn't burst into flame. I would have...
  8. maggie3fan

    Mary Knobbins

    I have decided I am being punished by all that is Sulcata. Bob was a really nice tortoise (in memory) Big Sam is a nice tortoise, rarely causing problems...then there is Knobby the tortoise who may be Queen. Today, again, she became fixated on making it passed the tires and killing the...
  9. maggie3fan

    Ungrateful Sulcata

    So I have posted photos of the basically new pens I made for Big Sam and Mary Knobbins. My pens are not fancy like a lot I see here. Anyway, I gave Big Sam just a little more room with lots of graze, and after Sam saw what I did he started grazing on that lush side immediately. So I went into...
  10. maggie3fan

    Male Sulcata

    Looking to rehome my 6 yr old 50 lb male. It is Big Sam, am hoping to find him a better home in warmer country. Depending on where, I could bring him half way
  11. maggie3fan

    Sex for Knobby

    ha ha made ya look. So lets show off now, who know's what sex Knobs is...
  12. maggie3fan

    Knobby again

    This tortoise is simply too much. Yesterday he decided to break into the box turtle pen. After chasing the turtles around, Kobbs decided to go for a swim. Well, not exactly...he was eating the big healthy patch of white clover, and grazed himself off the cliff. So he fell down into the water. I...
  13. maggie3fan


    Knobby knocked down the cinder block wall to go in and attempt to destroy the grape vine that helps feed Big Sam and him. Knobby tried for whatever reason to go thru the grape plants, only there was no 'thru' there This is what I had to do to protect what's left of the hydrangea he tried to quash.
  14. maggie3fan

    Check this out

    I bought my IROC in 1988, it's an '89. I drive it hard, but take very good care of it. The years have taken a toll on my car, now ya'll need to understand me, I love my car, I still see it as it was when I drove it home that first time. So to realize some things had just gone with the wind, is...
  15. maggie3fan

    Adult Sulcata bite

    I woke up in the middle of the night, sick. Vomiting, severe cold sweats ugly, huh! This morning sick as a freakin dog, went out to dump a bag of produce stuff, blooms, leaves and flower Rose of Sharon, purple, .Zucchini grape leaves. So I'm not really paying attention, to Big Sam. I'm tossing...
  16. maggie3fan

    Cactus photos

    @Maro2Bear I kinda took these photos with you in mind There's 2 cacti on that shelf, one blooms yellow, and this one is red. I took it down for the first time in years, there's no dirt in the pot, just little rocks , funny this Morning Glory, is growing out of a crack in the asphalt, over a...
  17. maggie3fan

    Poop Contest

    @Pastel Tortie In this guess the poop contest, you will have 2 pictures to look at. Whatever animal this is, is pooping in the box turtle pond at night when the water is gone. The fresh poop is black and does not smell. It is not cat or dog poop. The winner will have their choice of 1 of 2...
  18. maggie3fan

    Wanted frog or toad advice

    I think this belongs to a large toad, this is my box turtle pond. There's been a new pile every morning for about a week. I think it must be a raccoon, as I have seen this poop at the foot of the raccoon tree. Or so I think. My neighbor says it's a frog, but there not water in that pond...
  19. maggie3fan

    More photos

    @Maro2Bear I took these cactus pictures for you. It's growing in an old enameled pot w/out drainage. Here's my re-purposed toaster This is at my back door This is my living room under the skylight.
  20. maggie3fan

    Question About Pellets

    Hey @Tom I only have 2 Sulcata right now. I need to buy some pellets, they are abt 35 lbs and 55 lbs, Should I get the original Mazuri or the ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Food? These torts have not ever had pelleted food. But they need more nutrients right now, and fiber, they have been getting...