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    Fake grass in enclosure

    Can i put fake grass at my tortoise’s outdoor enclosure? There’s real grass in half of its enclosure but also an empty spot where the grasses dont grow. So i was wondering if its okay to put fake grass in?
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    two separate outdoor enclosures?

    I have a pair of leopard tortoise that I just recently bought from the pet shop. After going through this forum, I just realized buying a pair wasn't a good choice cause I did see my tortoise tried to bite the other one. I separated them asap (two indoor enclosures) but I was wondering if the...
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    Calcium powder on face

    How do i get rid of calcium powder on my tortoise’s face? I already wet my tissue and gently wipe it but it doesn’t want to go off
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    Lifted scutes

    just recently got him from the petshop about a week ago and i noticed his scute is slightly lifted. Not too obvious but i can tell it is lifted. Is this normal? I’m suming my tortoise is a baby because it is 7cm. He gets his daily soak for 20 mins, eats well, gets his natural sunshine everyday...
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    Raised bump

    Hi guys, meet parsley! I just got him about a week ago. Ok but anywaysss, does anyone know why there’s a raised line bump above its head? (Second pic). Is he pyramiding? 😩
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    Feeding times

    How many times should i feed my baby leopard tortoise?
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    baby tortoise out in the sun

    is it safe to put my leopard baby tortoise (7cm) outside during the day? if not the whole day, then how many hours?. Oh, and I make sure its predator-proof when he's outside :)
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    Basking spot

    Whats the ideal temperature (in celcius) for a baby leopard tortoise basking spot?
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    Soaking time

    My baby leopard tortoise always wants to get out of its soaking time by trying to climbing up the container, is it normal?
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    Bringing leopard tortoises out

    Can i bring my baby leopard tortoises out for a walk in the garden? If so, how many hours is ideal? After the walk, when i leave them in their tables, should i switch the basking lamp on?
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    Closed enclosure vs Open Enclosure

    Hi there, i know for a fact that closed enclosures are ideal because it ensures the humidity to stay in place. From where I live, the humidity is high around 87%. Because of the high humidity, can i use an open enclosure?
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    Ceramic hear emitter

    Do i need ceramic heat emitter if i have a solar glo? Newbie here and im so confused if i should need a CHE 😩
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    Tortoise diet

    Hi there, i recently got a baby leopard tortoise. I read that youre suppose to give calcium to your tortoises to ensure strong bones and healthy shell. The pet shop gave this supplement called “tortoise powder” and was wondering if this is okay? (Do check the ingredients as well as the nutrition...
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    Glass Tank for Baby Leopard Tortoises

    Hi, i currently use an open glass table for my baby tortoise (7cm). The size of the table is 46cm(W)x56cm(L) and my basking lamp is a 21cm dome fixture with a bulb of 80 watt. I just recently got my tortoises and the pet shop recommended this type of table but after a few days, i realized that...
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    Fine coco husk vs coco coir

    Hi, newbie here. I have a baby leopard tortoise that’s 7cm and i have a question about the substrates. Is fine coco husk and coco coir the same thing? Im using crushed coco husk right now because that is what the shop gave recommended but i think the substrate is abit too dry. I always spray...