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    British tortoise owners

    Hope he is enjoying the sun lol
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    New to Forum

    You is a lucky person and you got my fav dog bulldog love the pics
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    Best UV light?? NOT tube

    I don't think that's it. I ll will find box tomorrow and give full details
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    Best UV light?? NOT tube

    Go on the tortoise trust web site it's got best information about. Lighting and heating. Zoological bulbs I ve got 100 watt. It's about 50 quid but they last a long time
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    Out of hibernation!!!

    Nothing wrong with that. Good news.
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    Can Tortoises go outside in the UK?

    Yes mine do they love it not in winter though
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    Gender of my 17 month Indian star

    KenS those torts are amazing
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    British tortoise owners

    Looking good Sherman
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    British tortoise owners

    I have 3 spur thighs and a rescue Herman. Am in Devon
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    British tortoise owners

    Thanks for replies. Great pics. Nice to know am not only Brit on here.
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    Hibernation in North east?

    Of where USA or Britain
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    British tortoise owners

    Hi where are you all. Seems mainly Americans on here Like to read some British stories
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    Glass enclosure or Wood?

    Glass is not good for torts. They don't understand the concept of glass and get frustrated so wood is better for them