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  1. Gijoux

    Curtis has gone missing

    Oh thank God!! He looks good too.
  2. Gijoux

    Sri Lankan Stars 2019 holdbacks

    Very nice!
  3. Gijoux

    Western Hermann’s growth

    So Beautiful! Looks like you are doing a great job with your little guy.
  4. Gijoux

    Taking a Greek Hermann’s for walks

    Taking your Tortoise outside of your own yard presents the possibility of poisoning from herbicides, pesticides, and poisonous plants. You will simply enjoy every minute watching your Tortoise cruise around his own safe yard.
  5. Gijoux

    Another "Male or Female?" post

    Give him a warm bath. Soak him awhile and rub his plastrom A warm soak and a plastron rub will often cause a male to flash you. Worth a try, but not for sure if you don’t get flashed.
  6. Gijoux

    Shell rot

    Shell rot is caused by a fungus much like athletes foot. Some Tortoise species are more prone to it. I would say a damp dirty enclosure would be why it would thrive. A damp clean environment with a proper UV exposure should prevent its ability to grow. Treating the shell rot on the shell with...
  7. Gijoux

    Baby Burmese Stars are hatching

    Oh I just love seeing this Mark. They are beautiful. Congratulations on another great clutch of babies.
  8. Gijoux

    Taken/stolen star tortoise

    Great idea!!
  9. Gijoux

    Honey’s Journey

    Such a perfect name for a perfect little Tort.
  10. Gijoux

    Tony the sully’s adventures

    I hate to be a "Debbie Downer", but your dog, no matter how good he/she is, will pick up your little guy with his teeth someday and break through the shell. I know this because it has happened to me and many others. The shell covering the scutes is about as thick as your finger nail. I was...
  11. Gijoux

    Can mice harm a big sulcata tortoise ?

    Oh goodness! So where would one find of these contraptions?
  12. Gijoux

    Leopard Tortoise baby not growing, Vitamins in water?

    I have found humidity to be very helpful for Leopard Tortoise Hatchlings good growth and long term health. Higher Humidity has a powerful impact on organ function, especially the kidneys. Thank you so much for the suggestion of the Nutribac in the water. I really like this idea, especially...
  13. Gijoux

    beginner's problems

    Vetercyn is not a spray. The gel is easier to apply.
  14. Gijoux

    Update on Titan ( 3 years old now)

    A perfect name for a perfect Tortoise. What a fantastic job you have done raising Titan!
  15. Gijoux

    beginner's problems

    I do not believe Pine Bark is OK! Fir Bark is the same as Orchid Bark or Reptibark in Pet shops. Fine to Medium Grade is best and can be found at Garden centers at a much better price. Pure Cypress bark is fine too. You must be careful with mulches as they often contain other things that are...
  16. Gijoux

    Russian tortoise not active??

    I have never seen "Organic" top soil potting mix, but potting soils are nearly all from composted sources. Anything could be in that soil. They can still call it organic even if it contains mulched up Oleander (poison plants). I honestly don't know about what type of substrates Russians...
  17. Gijoux

    My leopard baby seems not digesting

    @Markw84 has started making some outstanding closed chamber enclosures, which can be seen here by typing in the search bar “Best Tortoise Enclosure Yet!! You can email him at [email protected] for more information. These cages includes all the electronics too.
  18. Gijoux

    Honey’s Journey

  19. Gijoux

    Leopard Tortoise baby not growing, Vitamins in water?

    I believe she purchased 2 Spp from Underground Reptiles and they both have perished. So sad.