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  1. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    Folks, this post is from last year. Spring has just sprung, so there are no leaves to share.
  2. biochemnerd808

    my young male hermann keeps humping female.

    Time to separate those two. Could you please read the following article? It may explain in more depth the reasons: https://tortoiseforum.org/index.php?threads/94114/ A bunk bed set-up could be a good solution here.
  3. biochemnerd808


    If you grow tye plant, it makes a giant 4ft plant that has lots of leaves that are free, and my tortoises all love them!
  4. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    Yes, i still have seeds. I can just send them in a standard letter envelope - so 50c if you send the money Paypal friends and family, or 81c if you send it regular Paypal (because Paypal took 31c out of everyone's payment, leaving me with 19c, oops). Send me a pm with your address, please.
  5. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    Wonderful! :)
  6. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    Ok folks, I think the leaves will be gone once I fill the boxes of folks who have already contacted me. I do still have plantain seeds, and will harvest more tomorrow, to ship om Monday.
  7. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    Please send me a pm. :)
  8. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    Please om me your address, Jacqui. Happy to send you giant broadleaf plantain seeds.
  9. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    A medium flatrate box would be $13.65 anywhere in the US. Yes, I have Paypal.
  10. biochemnerd808

    Mulberry leaves - free, postage only

    My tortoises adult are done eating for the year, but our mullberry tree is packed with leaves still. If anyone can use some, I'd be happy to ship them to you. No charge for the leaves, you just pay postage for whatever flatrate box size you choose! I can throw in some giant broadleaf plantain...
  11. biochemnerd808

    2 CB baby Russian tortoises for sale

    For sale are these two CB RTs. Hatched Thanksgiving week, well started in a humid environment, fed weeds their whole life (thanks to a very mild summer). Good UVB, including natural sun when possible. Soaked daily. Normally i have a wait list, so get them while you can... $175 each, plus...
  12. biochemnerd808

    Nom nom video

    Me: "OK tortoises, time to wind down for brumation!" Marilyn: "Nom nom nom..."
  13. biochemnerd808

    Variety For My Baby Tortoises Diet

    On a side note, when you have warm enough weather to grow your own tortoise food outside, you can grow weeds with bioavailable calcium - by adding extra calcium carbonate (from a feed store it's cheap!) To the soil. The plants will absorb it. I also make sure to always grow and feed plants that...
  14. biochemnerd808

    Variety For My Baby Tortoises Diet

    Good morning. There are so many plants that are safe and healthy for tortoises to eat - offering variety is important to try to give tortoises all the nutrients they need. The Tortoise Table database (someone posted the link above) is really excellent. They have a mobile app, but personally I...
  15. biochemnerd808

    Hello from Arizona

    Welcome! The links Tom posted are some very valuable resources! You'll have a healthy and thriving tortoise if you follow those directions.
  16. biochemnerd808

    Hello from Bakersfield

  17. biochemnerd808

    What kinda tree is this from?

  18. biochemnerd808

    Hello friends!

    Welcome! Beautiful little tortoise. The baby care sheet above will hopefully help you, as you learn how to care for your little one. :)
  19. biochemnerd808

    New 2018 Tortoise in a Sweater calendar!!!

    My newest Tortoise in a Sweater calendar is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Calendar Club, Calendars.com, and many other places in the USA, UK, and Canada. :) Here is a video of me unveiling the calendar: HERE is the Amazon link, but as mentioned above, you can order it...
  20. biochemnerd808

    Craigslist Tortoise:

    I think this belongs in the "reposted ads" section? @Tom