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  1. bigbeaks

    Aldabra pee.... What causes it to be brown? Video

    I have a video of my two year old CB aldabra baby peeing while I was soaking him. What causes the urates to be brown like this??? Seems to be happening more often here lately.
  2. bigbeaks

    Floor heating.... Has anyone ever tried the radiant heat under tile?

    I have two young aldabra, and I'm trying to make plans for heating this winter. Their house is 8' by 8', and is inuslated on all sides, ceiling as well as floor. Our winters in GA can get cold, but not extreme for long periods. I have thought about installing a slate tile floor in their...
  3. bigbeaks

    Tortoise night box

    We have a 4' by 4' by 2' high custom tortoise box we made last year for our large sulcatas. It has two doors, one for the tortoises with a ramp, and one for you to reach inside. The top also lifts off and could easily be put on hinges. All four walls, doors, floor and top have two pieces of 1/2"...
  4. bigbeaks

    Young Aldabra question...

    I have two young Aldabras. One is 5", and one is 6". They are apprimately 6 months old. Can anyone tell me the approximate size they will be next summer? I'm trying to make plans for their enclosure, and need an approximate size they will be. Thank you!'
  5. bigbeaks

    My new baby Aldabra is soooo cute!

    I just received my first Aldabra tortoise today, and I am in total love with it already. I will post better pictures later when it has had a chance to settle in. It was born 1-30-16, and weighs 87 grams!
  6. bigbeaks

    Radiated growth

    My radiated seems to be growing really fast and wondered if anyone else has any that has had this kind of growth, or does it look normal? 10/29/14 - 200 grams 12/24/14 - 335 grams 1/18/15 - 360 grams 3/3/15 - 441 grams 6/13/15 - 689 grams 8/15/15 - 925 grams 11/7/15 - 1173 grams 12/29/15 - 1318...
  7. bigbeaks

    Indian star tortoise for sale

    I have one Indian star tortoise for sale. It is very healthy, and eats like a pig. It measures 2 3/4" long, and weighs 213 grams, and is 18 months old. I have one Sri Lankan listed in another ad. They can both be shipped together to save on shipping cost. Shipping is approximately $45, and will...
  8. bigbeaks

    Sri Lankan star for sale

    I have one Sri Lankan star tortoise for sale. It is very healthy, and eats like a pig. It measures 2" long, and weighs 43 grams. And is 10 months old. I have one indian star listed in another ad. They can both be shipped together to save on shipping cost. Shipping is approximately $45, and will...
  9. bigbeaks

    So what do I do??? I need opinions please!!!!

    So my sulcata's have doubled. I now have 4 that are between 11" and 15" long. 3 are females, and one we are unsure of, but is looking more female than male. I currently have a 4' by 4' hide box based off of Tom's boxes with an oil filled heater. It's a total "traffic jam" in there! I need...
  10. bigbeaks

    Anyone know what these two are?

    I got these two sulcatas today. I thought initially they were male and female by the pictures of them, but now I'm not so sure. They measure 14" and 15" long. I have two pictures of each tortoise.
  11. bigbeaks

    How big does it need to be??

    How big of a hide box or building would three adult female and one male sulcata need? I have two females and I'm getting a pair. They are all between 11" to 15". I have a 4' square hide box now, and I know that won't last long. I would like to build something that will last them. What size...
  12. bigbeaks

    So freakin cute! I know, we say that too much here!

    I know, we say "cute" too much here, but how can anyone seriously say this tortoise is not cute! His name is Tater Tot.
  13. bigbeaks

    what a horrible noise! Has anyone had their tortoise do this?

    I have a sulcata female that is about 12" to 13" long that I purchased a few weeks ago. Today I was outside working in her yard and I heard the most crazy noise. I noticed that it was coming from my sulcata, so I grabbed my phone and took a quick video of her. Excuse the quality of the video...
  14. bigbeaks

    New "built in" indoor tortoise enclosures

    A while back we created these indoor enclosures for my tortoises. Here are a few pictures of them while we were working on them, as well as completed. There are 3 large industrial tubs that measure 4' by 5' each. They each have a double 4' T5 HO fluorescent light, as well as a dome with...
  15. bigbeaks

    What is this on my sulcata

    Does anyone know what the white area is on my sulcata? She has several different places that look like this.
  16. bigbeaks

    Weights good? And Pyxis don't seem to be slowing down???

    This is the first winter I've had Pyxis, and my two don't really seem to be slowing down like I've read. Just like this morning they were both sitting on their rock waiting for food. Has anyone else had this experience with theirs? Also, I got them at the end of May this year. They weighed...
  17. bigbeaks

    New Radiated

    My new radiated tortoise Vegas. I'm in total love with this tortoise!
  18. bigbeaks

    How big?

    I'm considering purchasing a sulcata that I've been told weighs 30 lbs. Approximately how long and wide will it be? I'm trying to see if it will fit through the door to my hide box.
  19. bigbeaks

    Is TFO slow for you?

    For the past month or two TFO has been very, very slow on my computer, ipad and phone. It is this way at my home or using my cellular service elsewhere. With an app or no app. This is the only website that is like this. About 75% of the time when I click on a thread to read it, it times out...
  20. bigbeaks

    Ivory sulcata wanted

    I would like to buy an ivory sulcata hatchling or juvenile. Please contact me at [email protected] Thank you!