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  1. The-Great-Stash

    Spotted turtle hibernation length?

    I habe a pair of Spotted turtles that live in an outdoor 8X12 pen in the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas. I have a very healthy young female that is catching fish in the small custom shallow pond. But I have not seen my male since January before he went back under a hiding log. The pen is escape...
  2. The-Great-Stash

    Water Hyacinth

    Is water hyacinth safe for chelonians, and if so then what species can have that in their diet? I habe it in my small shallow pond in my Spotted enclosure as cover and to keep from drowning. Was just curious if any turtle species can make a meal out of it (my Russian tortoise Steve takes...
  3. The-Great-Stash

    Smallest Asian Box species

    Curious about what species of asian box turtle is the smallest? I've heard some say ambos are one of many that are roughtly around the size of our Americans. But then there is the breaking down of subspecies and localities. Just looming for clarity (more or less) because for space sake I'm...
  4. The-Great-Stash

    Flood-proofing tortoise homes

    Can anyone please explain to me one or more ways to protect a Russian tortoises' home from rain and flooding? I keep a small group of Russian torts indoors currently due to a cold from. Keep in mind that I live in Texas, by the way. I would very much love to keep them outdoors permanently in...
  5. The-Great-Stash

    Mud Turtle Family For Sale

    I have a family of 5 mud turtles for the right person or people. It consists of 2 adults and their offspring. But what makes this very interesting is that the babies are hybrid muds! Yep, you heard right. The mother is a 5 inch long Yellow, while the sire is a 3.5 inch Eastern. The 3 hybrid...
  6. The-Great-Stash

    Unidentified Muddy

    Along with the spiny softshell, my intent was to purchase this big male muddy. The owner told me that he was a Mississippi, but I doubt it. He looks more like an Eastern (as mentioned in a previous thread) to me. What are your thoughts?
  7. The-Great-Stash

    What species of softshell do I have?

    I recently received this softshell from a guy who could not care for it (I got it for free after buying a male Eastern muddy from him). Unsure of the sex, but it looks female (though I'm probably wrong). Anyway, here are the pics. Please let me know what softshell that I'm dealing with, and how...
  8. The-Great-Stash

    Asian box turtle size question

    I've heard that Ambos are pretty small, so my question is what is the smallest species or subspecies of Asian box turtle?
  9. The-Great-Stash

    Mud/Musk Identity

    Can anyone please help me identify this lovely little female for me? I believe her to be a mud, but could very well be mistaken. I am unsure of her subspecies. Thanks.
  10. The-Great-Stash

    Subspecies Sizes

    Just curious, I have a female ornate box, and I wanted to ask a couple questions pertaining to size, particularly in females since males I know are slightly smaller: 1. What is the smallest American box turtle? (I was told ornate by a random source) 2. And what is the smallest of the Eastern...
  11. The-Great-Stash

    Box Identity?

    I feel confident that my female box is an ornate, but I would like other opinions on the identity of her species or subspecies. Please help me out? Thanks.
  12. The-Great-Stash

    Russian Tortoise Burrow Ideas?

    I was curious as to how to set up one or two artificial burrows for a pair of Russian torts living in an outdoor pen. I understand that many suggest that, at least in regards to larger species, the entrances need to be elevated to prevent flooding, especially while they are hibernating or...
  13. The-Great-Stash

    Help Please! Baby Spotted Looks Sick!

    I recently purchased a baby Spotted on Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day. And for the 3 days since I got him (yes, he's a male), he has been basking and being very curious of his new 20 gallon home complete with canister filter, 3 inches of water level, water heater that keeps his water 78° F, a...
  14. The-Great-Stash

    What Hermann's do I have?

    I found this male Hermann's a few months ago from, of all places, PetSmart (they normally have just Russians)...and for $90!!! Now, I'm looking to buy a female from a breeder in the future, but there's a problem- I'm having trouble identifying the locale or subspecies of my tortoise. Western...
  15. The-Great-Stash

    Iguana for...

    Attention San Antonio, Texas: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am willing to trade a 2 ft long, 2 yr old male Green Iguana (cage not included) for any type of box turtle OR a bearded dragon. I can be reached via text @ 1-210-978-2286. This lizard is not for everyone, so please do...
  16. The-Great-Stash

    2 boxies for $60!!

    Rehoming a 9 yr old female Eastern and a 4 yr old Malayan boxie. Both turtles for $60 plus shipping and handling. My email is [email protected] is you have any questions. Pics are below. Take advantage of this offer, but only if you did your homework and truly understand that each...
  17. The-Great-Stash

    Malayan boxie

    I have a 4 inch Malayan box turtle for $40 + s&h. He (I believe its a male due to a slight concave plastron) is a healthy looking specimen that I have been keeping outside most days due to fair weather. He spends most times in a small pool where he is fed turtle pellets, earthworms, waxworms and...
  18. The-Great-Stash

    turt for tort (or another turt)

    9 years old, 5.5 inches long, and awake and fully active from a 4 month hibernation, my female Eastern box turtle is now ready for a new home! Im happily trading her for either a young female russian tortoise OR a young female ornate box turtle. If anybody is interested, please respond cuz shes...
  19. The-Great-Stash

    EBT for RT

    As the title says, I have a 9 year old female Eastern box turtle (with a sunburst pattern) that I'm willing to trade for a young female Russian tortoise (preferably light coloration or morph and under 6 years of age). I'll post pics of my little girl soon if anyone is interested. If...
  20. The-Great-Stash

    female eastern box turtle free to good home

    If you can pay for shipping, my 8 year old female sunburst Eastern box turtke is all yours! Serious potential owners only. Shes free, you just need to pay for shipping costs, preferably overnight via UPS, just to be sure shes delivered in time. I will personally take care of the packaging GRATIS!