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  1. xMario

    Curtis has gone missing

    I dont have an answer to ur question but if u have a really bright light turn it on at night maybe he sees it and walks towards it
  2. xMario

    Buckwheat, it's not wheat - but maybe a good tortoise food

    I have Not tried it on my tortoise... I only know it causes eye itchiness in horses and that's enough to scare me away. I just googled and it not only causes eye itchiness in horses but it also makes there skin light sensitive and gives them a sore mouth. But I don't find any info online how...
  3. xMario

    My Sulcata Tortoise Littlefoot

    He only started self soaking after I put the water dish under one of his basking bulbs. Now the bulb heats the water to 36°c. Before it wasn't under the bulb and he just kept walking through it. Maybe try putting a heatlamp over ur water dish aswell :) and thx :)
  4. xMario

    My Sulcata Tortoise Littlefoot

    Time for a new update :) Littlefoot is doing great! Recently upgraded his water dish:):tort:
  5. xMario

    Hello from new tortoise mom in Calgary

    Hello and welcome :)
  6. xMario

    Is Sand An Ok Substrate?

    Don't use sand. It can cause impaction and eye irritations.
  7. xMario

    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    Plus my sulcata = 1385 :)
  8. xMario

    Can someone identify this turtle?

    Maybe a batagur? Not Sure.
  9. xMario


    I got a sulcata and a vivarium would be too small for him so I'm using a grow tent. I dont know if this qualifies as bioactive setup but I got real dirt and a cactus although not directly planted inside cause it would get eaten and my substrate is full of spring tails and worms. I tried plants...
  10. xMario

    How do torts know to eat cuttle bone?

    All tortoises Benefit from Calcium (cuttlebone) for example I personally just toss them on the substrate but some people like to put it on a slate or a stone plate so the tortoise isn't going to ingest substrate. Sometimes I scrape with a knife on the cuttlebone and what falls off I put on his...
  11. xMario

    Red foot tortoise advise please

    Can u Post a picture of ur indoor enclosure? It sounded like u let ur tortoise roam ur house correct me if that's wrong but if u do u need to stop with that immediately. The floor is too cold and it's way to dangerous if she ingests something. That she is not eating is probably cause she is too...
  12. xMario

    Update on Titan ( 3 years old now)

    Wow he looks amazing great job! :)
  13. xMario

    Sulcata has possible issues?

    I don't know ur species but It is definitely not a sulcata Let's wait for someone who knows more!:)
  14. xMario

    Another way to prevent pyramyding?

    Hello :) u wrote ur putting something on his shell What exactly? And can u post a picture of it? How long do u let it on his shell? How often do u apply it?
  15. xMario

    How do torts know to eat cuttle bone?

    My sulcata has always a cuttlebone available and eats as much as he wants... he never hurt himself by eating it. Some days he ignores them some days one is gone in minutes than I'm putting another one in directly hes growing and healthy.
  16. xMario

    My Sulcata Tortoise Littlefoot

    He was born around mai 2017 :) (that's what the seller told me) so I live by that.
  17. xMario

    My Sulcata Tortoise Littlefoot

    Littlefoot is now 23cm! I think that's 9 inches? Hes growing very fast! :) Since I got 2 basking areas I decided to put his water dish directly under one of the bulbs and he seems to like it. He self soaks everyday for a few hours additionally to the 30 minute soaks i do everyday with him...
  18. xMario

    Let's Send Up A Rousing Birthday Cheer For. . .

    Happy birthday :)
  19. xMario

    Hey Orv: Where The Heck Are You?

    Happy birthday :)