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  1. Toddrickfl1

    Hello I live on the big island of Hawaii

  2. Toddrickfl1

    Are all UV bulbs created equal? Can the quality affect tortoises?

    I'm sure that light does effect them somehow I don't know for sure. What I can tell you is my Redfoots feed just fine without UVB. My Tortoises aren't outside full time. They spend the days outside in the summer and come in at night. It does get chilly here in the winter and they're indoors for...
  3. Toddrickfl1

    Male or female?

    I learn something new everyday on TFO!
  4. Toddrickfl1

    Are these spots on Desert Tortoise shell ok?

    There are many theories as to what causes that but I don't think anybody knows for sure. They tend to appear when a tortoise is well hydrated though.
  5. Toddrickfl1

    My dude won’t eat

    If you got your tortoise at a Pet shop chances are it's not 5-6 months old they just told you that. It's probably a wild caught adult, that's usually what they sell, especially Petco and PetSmart.
  6. Toddrickfl1

    Male or female?

    My guess is female
  7. Toddrickfl1

    I`ve burned my tortoises eyes !

    Wow glad you caught it. I had a problem with a UVB bulb when I first got my tort too. Things like this is why I chose not to use artificial UVB. I'm lucky enough to live somewhere my torts can get natural sunlight most of the time.
  8. Toddrickfl1

    Are all UV bulbs created equal? Can the quality affect tortoises?

    Just a couple hours a week outside in the sun and you really don't need a UVB light. My youngest Redfoot is a little over a year and I've not used any artificial UVB at all. You can get by with a regular incandescent bulb indoors.
  9. Toddrickfl1

    Curtis has gone missing

    That's a good idea @TechnoCheese I would help too.
  10. Toddrickfl1

    Whistling redfoot : gender dimorphism?

    I think at 4 years if the plastron isn't concave, and if you haven't seen the "Tortoise junk" come out during a soak, then it's probably safer to say Artemis is a female. I agree with @ZEROPILOT maybe some kind of nasal deformity.
  11. Toddrickfl1

    Tortoise Meal Topper

    Nice, I've been doing the same thing this winter except my mix is dried roses, hibiscus, and dandelion.
  12. Toddrickfl1

    Breed help

    Redfoot would probably be a good option. Definitely not feasible housing a Sulcata in a guest room.
  13. Toddrickfl1

    What kind of turtle do I have?

    That is an old Mud/Musk turtle. He needs fresh, not salt water. @Moozillion can probably give you some pointers.
  14. Toddrickfl1

    Ramming my foot!

    My Redfoot recently started doing the same thing to my hands when I'm doing something in his enclosure. Your tort is trying to tell you that's his territory and you need to leave.
  15. Toddrickfl1

    Curtis has gone missing

    @TechnoCheese if it were me I would definitely leave a gate open so he can get back to his night box if he did get out. I'd bet money if he's not too cold he would eventually come back. I got my fingers crossed for you. I really hope you can find Curtis!
  16. Toddrickfl1

    Curtis has gone missing

    Oh no @TechnoCheese that's horrible! Im so sorry. I hope you find him quickly. Maybe put some real smelly food outside to try to lure him in. Like some tuna, or wet dog food.
  17. Toddrickfl1


    There's also another app besides picture this called PlantSnap. I use them to cross reference each other.
  18. Toddrickfl1

    Does this Red Foot look bloated?

    Looks fine to me. Great growth so far. Whoever raised that tortoise for the first year or so did a great job.
  19. Toddrickfl1

    Orchid Bark

    I raised my Hatchling Redfoot in this enclosure for the first year.
  20. Toddrickfl1

    Orchid Bark