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  1. Kapidolo Farms

    Want hermann's tortoise or a species 5" or smaller (Corvallis/Portland Oregon)

    I sent you a PM here on TFO. In the upper right corner of the window, click on the envelope icon.
  2. Kapidolo Farms

    Breed help

    One other person suggested radiated. I agree, not to cast disrespect on RedFoots, both are pretty social towards people. I find radiated are just a bit more social without a food incentive. It's almost like they are just as interested to watch you, as your are to them. I have also found they...
  3. Kapidolo Farms

    T5 HO vsT8 florescent lamps

    Nice research and reporting. The digits in the T5 and T8 as well as T12 refer to 1/8 inch increment. So a T8 is one inch in diameter, a T12 in 1 1/2 inches in diameter. https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/t5-ho-by-zoomed.65175/ https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/light-fixture.80245/#post-748636...
  4. Kapidolo Farms

    Buckwheat, it's not wheat - but maybe a good tortoise food

    It is naturally from an area where I don't believe tortoises occur. But is now pretty much everywhere in the world. If you read the accounts in the feedpedia 'nutritional aspects' even for animals that show a photo sensitivity it takes making the buckwheat 40% of the diet to reach that...
  5. Kapidolo Farms


    On face book there is a group called 'cape tortoise group' I'd advise against being to public about having this tortoise, some folks on the group find themselves as law enforcement, they are not. The care help there is good and in local lingo, just be curious, not revealing.
  6. Kapidolo Farms

    Buckwheat, it's not wheat - but maybe a good tortoise food

    I've always loved buckwheat pancakes. But that is made from the flower made from the seeds. The actual plants is apparently pretty darn nutritious too. Look at this profile https://www.feedipedia.org/node/25478 Has anyone tried this out for their tortoises??
  7. Kapidolo Farms

    Questions (What species? and what substrate to use)

    We have a concurrent assessment.
  8. Kapidolo Farms


    We have a concurrent assessment.
  9. Kapidolo Farms

    Zoo Med and Dried Flowers and Herbs

    Thanks Tom, you use these items in a different way than I do, and have a great result. It always hits an "that's interesting" place in my brain to see a completely different POV (than my own) that is successful. You gave me some 'behavioral enrichment'.
  10. Kapidolo Farms

    Size of outdoor hot night box...

    The retail on this unit is $90 plus shipping, USPS two day priority is $24. I'm going near a UPS store and see what their ground shipping charge would be. They weigh, with outer box, 4 pounds.
  11. Kapidolo Farms

    Bad to Offer High Sugar Food Right After Hibernation?

    Dark leafy greens have a high vitamin A content, dark kales (black and red), radicchio, collards, dandelion greens, mulberry and moringa leaves.
  12. Kapidolo Farms

    Tortoisetown,Turtlesandtortoises,Arizonatortoise compound

    https://www.hermannihaven.com/ would be a good choice for a Hermann's tortoise.
  13. Kapidolo Farms

    Size of outdoor hot night box...

    I'll get a shipping cost.
  14. Kapidolo Farms

    Male or female sulcata

    It would be great if the sun would have been shining on the naughty bits, then it could be seen.
  15. Kapidolo Farms

    Size of outdoor hot night box...

    @Kadels Please let me know how many of what wattage, and I'll make it good for you. [email protected]mail.com
  16. Kapidolo Farms

    February Deal of the month from Kapidolo Farms

    You might notice Moringa has gone down in price even though the postal service has gone up in price. I'll hold out until the next USPS increase, and then I'm likely to increase prices across the product line. One new item, Red Clover BLOSSOMS, so now a #1 variety pack can be all flowers...
  17. Kapidolo Farms

    Is this safe?

    I agree, and sent a PM to the OP.
  18. Kapidolo Farms

    Problems with soaking

    Soaking can and often does lead to pooping, but many times they don't poop when they soak. I know here we are talking about Russians, however... Many species seems to find security while sitting in water. Many species drink, poop, and want to get on with their day, getting out of the water. I...
  19. Kapidolo Farms

    Pancake tortoise sunken eyes?

    The one in the first image looks great. The one in the second image might have slightly sunken eyes, but it could also be an artifact of the different angle of the picture. Both look alert and good to me as best as I can tell. Menacing, I see them as cautious maybe even fearful. I like...