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  1. daniellenc

    Tortoise staying awake and active all night?

    Skurt used to do this on and off as well. I moved him to the living room, lol
  2. daniellenc

    My Sulcata Tortoise Littlefoot

    Very pretty Sully!!!
  3. daniellenc

    Charlie Turns 20

    He's so handsome!!
  4. daniellenc

    Horsfield Tortoise - Prolapse??

    He was flashing you, lol. Congrats it's a boy!
  5. daniellenc

    Exploding Eggs (Hermann’s)

    Hmmmm usually only fertile eggs explode when something goes wrong, but your female may just need more time to lay fertile eggs and they're duds. Could also be temp fluctuations you're missing.
  6. daniellenc

    HELP!! unusual swollen cloaca/ tail area

    Could be a prolapse can you post pictures?
  7. daniellenc

    Redfoot inside for winter

    You would have to be able to keep the room 80-85 degrees day and night with humidity at around 80% which will mold your walls......get a big cage otherwise you're risking respiratory illness and/or injury.
  8. daniellenc

    Can hear my Tortoise breathing

    Protein is good 2-3 times per month. My RF who is 2 and never a noisy breather scared me as well this winter, but I think it was my humidity being too low. Now that I sealed her vents off in the cage she is fine.
  9. daniellenc

    Questions Before Diving In!

    Anything used to seal the inside has to be "food safe", and still aired out for months. I'd just use the shower curtain inside for now. Before you know it you'll need an 8x4 cage next year and then need to worry about his permanent environment.
  10. daniellenc


    He's burrowing because he's overheated and cooling off, but then basking because he gets too cold while buried. In an open top in a cool climate it's just not possible to provide a stable heat/humidity environment and MVB's get waaaaay too hot for a RF plus dry out the cage. I'd get a cheap...
  11. daniellenc

    Plasteron markings Red Foot Hatchlingish

    Probably normal as fungus is white and chalky, and they do have dark coloration on their plastron. Could also be dirt or substrate stains.
  12. daniellenc

    Food/health questions

    https://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/suggested-guide.173139/ https://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/sticky-hermanns-tortoise-care-sheet-updated.101410/ These two guides will be your best friend. Collards and turnip greens are ok in moderation but things like bell peppers are too high in sugar...
  13. daniellenc

    Need Container Tips/ideas for my Sulcata

    You can use plain soil for bedding and burrowing just make sure it isn't treated with fertilizer or anything else. Most garden centers sell it super cheap. If you built something like the picture above you could always build a top to enclose it. There are literally hundreds of threads on here...
  14. daniellenc

    Need Container Tips/ideas for my Sulcata

    No size tote is going to provide adequate room for him. You'll need to either build or purchase a custom cage. Mark on this forum builds cages and there's a ton of tutorials if you're crafty yourself. Animal plastics makes a great cage that will work for now, but it's pricey and probably...
  15. daniellenc

    help identifying little white dry patches on shell?

    Have you tried using a toothbrush and gently seeing if it can be removed? Doesn't look fungal and may just be normal but it's worth a shot.
  16. daniellenc

    Tortoise Electrical Billing (Ontario, Canada)

    I really haven't noticed any increase maybe a few dollars??? It's hard to tell seeing as my teenagers suddenly have stopped remembering to turn lights off, lol. However, a good cage is going to cost you well over $1,000 plus heating/lighting add ons, substrate, food/water bowls, hides, and...
  17. daniellenc

    Tortoise Electrical Billing (Ontario, Canada)

    A redfoot needs 24/7 heat maintained no lower than 80 degrees and light twelve hours a day. My electric bill (United States) did not go up significantly but his enclosure is Animal Plastics and very well sealed and insulated. You'll need to consider how efficient the enclosure itself is at...
  18. daniellenc

    Start of An RI?

    She ate an entire scrambled egg and two piles of greens her size yesterday. The day before was two piles of greens and half a mango. Three poops between the two days as well so I'm just watching. I'm traveling Friday-Tuesday but my daughter will be staying at my house and is aware to monitor...
  19. daniellenc

    Need advice RI outbreak.

    Skurt has been congested sounding but only when really moving for two days but eating like a pig. Keeping an eye on her for now.
  20. daniellenc

    New (to me) Hingeback... Homeana I think

    Can't wait to watch this one grow!