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    Tortoise weight

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice. I got a baby Sulcata in March 2019. From a breeder that i feel certain do not start their babies correctly. Regardless mine got mycoplasma and had to have injections right off the bat of me having it. It did pull through. I know there is no one...
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    Strange behavior

    Hello everyone, I have a Sulcata about 3 mo the old. I e been noticing he is doing a strange behavior when soaking. Normally he just relaxes or walks around in warm water no problem. But occasionally he pushes up as high as possible on his front legs his head drawn all the way in and doesn’t use...
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    Tick control

    Hi. Does anyone have thoughts/suggestions on how to keep ticks from getting on a tortoise? I’m a new tortoise owner and I’m m worried about him being in the grass this summer.... everything else read says remove the ticks but is there a tortoise safe way to repel ticks? I’m not entirely sure...
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    New to Forum

    Hello everyone, My name is Joleen and I just joined this forum. I am also the new owner of a baby Sulcata. He/She arrived today (i can’t tell what gender it is quite yet.) I have read countless posts on this forum and it’s provided me so many answers to questions I had while researching this...