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  1. lazybfarm

    Jackson and General pygal scutes

    General and Jackson are really hard to tell apart, but I have discovered something that will never change about them, General has a single pygal scute and Jackson has 2
  2. lazybfarm


    I have had a few of these mushrooms come up in my Aldabra enclosure. Does anybody know if these are good or bad? I have been pulling them out when I find them. They look delicious 😋 What day is this 🙃
  3. lazybfarm

    Mobile 4x8x3 ,2-story enclosure

    Here is the start of my 4x8x3 enclosure. The pics are of the base, which is 4x8 and framed with 2x8s. There is a 2x6 plate at the bottom upon which there are 6 heavy duty locking castor wheels The 4x8x 3 enclosures I am going to build from 1/2 x 4x8 pvc sheet . There will be 2 enclosures 1...
  4. lazybfarm

    My Aldabra- General

    Here is my new baby Aldabra, General. He is just out of the shipping box, first a good soak then turn out outside , he looks good, he is eating good, I had him a plate of rose of Sharon buds and leaves , a strawberry, some tomatoes, and Mazuri, he ate just about all of it by the evening. It came...
  5. lazybfarm

    New outdoor enclosure for my soon to be 2 baby aldabras

    Hey everybody! I have been working outside all day in this north Alabama heat/humidity to build a new outdoor enclosure for Jackson and his new buddy . I will be receiving my new Aldabra baby this week, Jackson and his new friend are both @ 6” now and I am looking forward to next couple of feet...
  6. lazybfarm

    My Aldabra -Jackson

    It’s been really hot here in north Alabama, I’ve had Jackson in his sealed indoor enclosure,where it is always 80-87 degrees and 90% humidity. He is eating well and is looking good. Here is my setup for now for inside. I have 2 - 4x3 PVC enclosures that I made, 1 for my Sulcata Baxter , and...
  7. lazybfarm

    My baby Aldabra !

    Hi everybody, I want to introduce you to my new baby Aldabra , no name as of yet. Here he/she is 5 minutes out of the box. Thanks to Sam at Florida Iguana and Tortoise. I literally just got him 10 minutes ago. He is beautiful and healthy! Chowing down ! He is about 5 1/4”
  8. lazybfarm

    Baxter’s new digs

    Here is the new enclosure I’ve just made for Baxter. Literally 2 hours to build. Copied plans from here, 4x3x2, 1/2 pvc sheet. In looking for the sheeting, I found out that one of the top manufacturers of pvc sheet , Kommerling, is located in my town. I was able to go pick up the sheets from...
  9. lazybfarm

    My baby Sulcata. Baxter

    Hi everybody, just wanted to say hi and introduce Baxter , my baby Sulcata. I have had since may 5 and he is growing like a weed. I do not know his hatch date , but it wa this spring. I didn’t start weighing him until June 6, he was 76g June 12. 86g June 15. 90g June 18. 96g He seems...