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  1. thetortoiseguy

    Is coco fibre edible

    I give him food in his bowl and recently he has been pulling his food out of the bowl and into the coconut coir ,getting some on his food and eating it is this safe
  2. thetortoiseguy


    I have put some pet friendly hay in my vivarium and my Russian loves to burrow in it Is it good for him
  3. thetortoiseguy

    Crazy tortoise

    my Russian tortoises behaviour has been terrible for the last few days he can't stop knocking things over and creating hazards for himself I have been giving him warm baths letting him free to roam around the house and I was whatching him and still no Change please help
  4. thetortoiseguy

    Che(ceramic heat emitter)

    What wattage should I get is this one ok the highest wattage is 250w but I think that is too much so i need your help
  5. thetortoiseguy

    What requirements for hermit crab

    I wanna get a hermit crab what do I need
  6. thetortoiseguy

    Face book

    I have a Facebook page all about torts Called : lightning the Russian tortoise
  7. thetortoiseguy

    I need food RECORMENDATIONS for my Russian tort

    This is for a Russian
  8. thetortoiseguy

    Won't eat dandelions

    My Russian will not eat Dandilions this is really unusual
  9. thetortoiseguy

    Share your funniest tort pics

    ... giving me the look lol
  10. thetortoiseguy

    Pestacides in plants

    How do I check for them In the actual plant is it possible ? Please help me because I have got this spider plant and want to put it in my torts enclosure but I can until I know it's safe
  11. thetortoiseguy

    Tortoise pics please

    I want to see lots of tortoise pictures please !!!
  12. thetortoiseguy

    2 Russian torts

    Can I own another Russian tortoise
  13. thetortoiseguy

    Facebook page

    Hi just wondering if you guys would like to see lots of pics of my Russian tortoise if you do go like it it's called Lightning the Russian tortoise Thanks guys
  14. thetortoiseguy


    I have started to grow several Dandilions in a pot full of coco coir Is this a good idea [SMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH]
  15. thetortoiseguy

    Zoo med grassland tort food

    This is amazing stuff lightning loves it
  16. thetortoiseguy

    Beach chips

    just got 600lt of beach chips
  17. thetortoiseguy

    Fake cactus

    Should I get these
  18. thetortoiseguy

    Vivarium ideas for Russians please

    Post your ideas here
  19. thetortoiseguy

    Newbie question-hibernation

    What do you achieve by hibernating your tort (dose it extend there life )