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  1. HoosierTort

    Testudo identification

    Hello everyone, Needing to ID this tort for rescue that has it. I’m thinking Ibera or Marginated? Hybrid? it was found 3 years ago walking the streets already painted. It’s been a teachers pet ever since. It’s had an obvious bad life, but any help would be great! Sadly, no plastron pic yet or I...
  2. HoosierTort

    Walnut tree...

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with enclosures near or under walnut trees? I feel like a falling walnut to the head would be fatal...? Hermann’s and Box Turtles is the species. Just curious on everyone’s thoughts! Thanks!
  3. HoosierTort

    Rescued Greek and Sulcata

    Very happy to have rescued an 11yo female Golden Greek and 1yo Sulcata yesterday. They were housed together in a 29gal aquarium and only got soaks once a week... So far I’m not seeing any Testudo Herpesvirus in the Sulcata, but my experience with it is zero. Not being extremely familiar with...
  4. HoosierTort

    Incubator brand?

    Hello all! Planning ahead, I wanted to look into which incubators any of you recommend for a small hobbyist beginner? Not looking huge, but enough to cover myself for a bit. I’ve hatched ducks and chickens all growing up, but never gone into torts. Hermann’s (T.h.b&T.h.h) and Russian’s. Any...
  5. HoosierTort


    Greetings everyone! I’m new here but not to torts. I have historically only rescued mine but I have recently expanded my husbandry skills to hatchlings. I currently have a pair of rescued adult RT’s, 3:1 E.Box Turtles, a pair of hatchling eastern painted, 3 Hermann’s hatchlings; one Testudo...