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  1. taza

    The Its babies! Any updates?

    I know its been a few years but I remember loving seeing the it babies, It1, It2, and It3. I think it was Dean S who had them but then sold them. Are their new parents on here?
  2. taza

    Peek a Boo

  3. taza

    Canadian source for Cactus pads?

    Hi I was hoping some of our canadian members could help me find cactus pads. I live in southern Ontario and can not find these anywhere. A few years ago I bought a plant at a nursery and it cost a arm and leg $90.00!!! Thanks Sandy
  4. taza

    Drinking and bathing water

    I hope this isn't a silly question. My tap water has both chlorine and chloramines in it so I have been giving my tortoise bottled water for drinking. When it comes to soaking her will the tap water be ok? I also have many fish tanks so I have to treat the water for them, should I do the same...
  5. taza

    My new addition

  6. taza

    Some info (warning - graphic pictures)

    Fox attack. Make sure your tortoises are secure from predators when outside. Sean McCormack Mvb added 4 new photos. Be careful folks. This lovely pair of Marginated Tortoises got attacked by a fox today, have been treated with pain relief, anti-inflammatories, fluid therapy for shock...
  7. taza

    Baby sea turtle recue!
  8. taza

    Have this everywhere

    This is all over my place, does anyone know what it is and is it edible?
  9. taza

    How to wire this?

    I want to wire a plug to this porcelain fixture. The plug has a normal size blade and a fatter one which one goes where? Thanks Sandy
  10. taza

    This dog is amazing!

  11. taza

    This makes perfect sense

  12. taza

    Dancing Turtle

  13. taza

    Not just for torts, Good for us too! I didn't know this, so I posted for others to know too.
  14. taza

    Cool enclosure for turtles

    Saw this picture on my facebook and thought I would share it with you folks.
  15. taza

    Cool video

  16. taza

    Weeping Mulberry

    I have a weeping mulberry that never produces berries and a maple tree are either of these safe? Plus pictured is another weed I don't know about.
  17. taza

    Surgery to save turtles life.

    Hope the link works!
  18. taza

    Here is a idea!

    It is actually a hen house but it could be a cool tort house!
  19. taza

    Salt and Pepper anyone?

  20. taza

    Little ones enjoying clover

    I planted some clover seed in their enclosure they seem to love it. Sandy