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    Ideas for Tunnel / Hide - Not Wood

    Hi, I've had two wooden tunnels in Norman's enclosure, one is like a hollowed log and the other is joined sticks that you can mould into different shapes. Both are showing signs of mould due to the moisture in the enclosure so I've had to remove them. Does anyone have any suggestions of...
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    One-Piece Tortoise Table Liner (Picture Heavy)

    Today I attempted to line my table with a rubble sack to protect the wood from the moist substrate. It was possible but it's untidy and doesn't look great with tape holding it on etc. Tonight I've had a go at making a mock up of a one piece liner, my initial thought is to try and replicate...
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    Norman - UK Hermann's

    Good evening! Let me introduce myself, I'm Adam, and our new Hermann's Tortoise is Norman! 🐢 (or Norma when we are able to find out!) Oh and that's Luca our little human 😊