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  1. Linford

    Any Advice. (inactive tortoise)

    I've got two Torts i rescued" I've been led to believe are male and female. I have no idea of there age or if they where purchased from a good source. The bigger of the two ( ralph ) is really active and responsive. But ( Rosie ) the smaller (Female I think) doesnt do much at all. When I first...
  2. Linford

    Any Russian owners from the U.K?

    Just wondering how practical an outdoor enclosure is and how well suited Russians are to be kept outdoors over here. Is it too cold/wet? I don't really understand Fahrenheit over Centigrade. So finding the guides a bit difficult to follow. Thanks! As far as Torts are concerned, I've got a lot...
  3. Linford

    Introduction Pt2

    I Introduced myself. But Didn't introduce my Torts. So here we go. There's Ralph, he likes to fly too. Lol. And There's Rosie, she wasn't in the best shape when I got her but she's seemed to have perked up A bit.
  4. Linford


    What is the best substrate for my Russians??? I keep finding too many different answers.
  5. Linford

    My Tortoise'

    I need help to identify which species they are. Both are recently rescued ( yesterday ). And I think one is unhealthy. I know nothing on caring for them so all help and advice is much appreciated. P.S. I forgot to take a pic of hands but they have 4 claws.
  6. Linford


    How's it going people. I'm new to this forum and new to owning a tortoise. I've recently (only last night) come to own 2 tortoise' and know nothing about caring for them. A family friend could no longer keep them and I took them off his hands as I've got a house more suited to caring for them (...