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  1. Julie Anne

    Does she look dehydrated or sick?

    Did I read above post correctly? do you feed your tortoise's Cooked carrots in the form of baby food? My little tortoise, that you see in the picture, is very tiny., He is very energetic but is so tiny as compared to it's siblings. I sometimes separate him so he can eat all by himself as much...
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  3. Julie Anne

    My new MALE Redfoot ZIP.

    Often, when I'm sitting outside with my tortoises, they come to my feet and try to bite my toes. I hope they're just playing, it's rather funny possibly a little creepy too.
  4. Julie Anne

    Tortoise poop? (POOP PICTURE)

    As poop goes, it looks pretty good. Should vary somewhat depending on what they eat. I know it does in my torts
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    My tortoises have this pretty large area where they live. I also let them out once or twice a day to roam in my backyard while I'm sitting with them. I live in Louisiana so the humidity is high, they seem pretty happy
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    But it said he's dating I'm always trying to find fun things for my tortoises to eat
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    I had to be quick they love to go and six different directions and don't let anybody tell you tortoises are slow
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    My 6 Sulcata tortoises all about the same age. The smallest one is named Peanut the largest is named Bruiser.
  9. Julie Anne

    Mother of Six Sulcatas

    I have six sulcatas that are four years old. They have all live together since I got them. One is considerably smaller than all the others. Should I separate him, I guess it's a he, or put him in an environment with one other for company? They all get along.
  10. Julie Anne


    I have ants all over my yard so far the tortoises have had no problems with them but I'd like to sprinkle something over the entire yard is there anything safe that won't harm my tortoises