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    captive box turtles in the great outdoors

    Hi, yes Box Turtles hide so well! it is hard to believe especially with colorful patterns on carapace but you don’t see them unless they are out in open. If your garden box is made of material with rough surface, like wood, make sure to put something over four corners because turtles will try...
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    Mud turtle ID

    That’s a Common Musk Turtle for sure. Supposedly they like basking on a stick/branch rather than island-like structure.
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    how long does it take to dry off?

    Under proper basking lamp, it doesn’t take so long for your turtle to dry off; I never timed with stopwatch or anything but it is relatively short time. Naturally dorsal area, such as carapace, top of head etc, dries in no time. It is important to make sure that underside of your turtle, like...
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    Junior the box turtle

    I second that he is a male Eastern Box Turtle about 10-15 years old as his growth rings on scutes are still “crisp” looking. He is still considered quite young as his kind can easily live 80-100 years. Looking at growth rings, he might have been a wild individual until recently rather than a...
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    What kind of turtle is this?

    That turtle is possibly Eastern River Cooter based on plastron shape and pattern. Rear marginal scutes of sliders are usually more jagged, with indentation at middle of each marginal. Pattern you can barely see on costal scutes resembles pattern of cooter than slider too.
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    I have a name for her finally...

    Hope you will find male soon! What species of Mauremys is she? Leprosa or perhaps mutica x reevesii?
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    Turtle baby behaviour

    Golden Threads are beautiful turtles! They might be the most attractive Mauremys turtle out there. I would love to live with one someday. How deep is your water level? Baby/juvenile turtles can and do swim and dive but they tend to get tired quickly especially if you keep them in a deep bare...
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    "Pond" algae and update

    You can try duck weed or frog bit if you haven’t already. They will quickly cover the top and limit sun light and takes nitrogen. it might be a bit too late but you could paint some sides of the glass tank to cut down light as well. I like how they have pergola looking thing above tank :D
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    New-hopefully turtle mom!

    You should plant blackberry, Raspberry blueberry, and make a compost pile if you don’t mind slugs and snails. It’s like opening up a buffet restaurant for them. Banana is another favorite dessert but I guess Blue Ridge is a bit too cold for planting bananas.
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    Species Identification

    That’s a very old and very black eastern box turtle! I wonder why first thing people try with box turtle is almost always lettuce lol
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    Typical American boyz

    Do you always keep those Asian and American box together? I am interested how your habitat setup is like. I am thinking of making outside enclosure for some semi terrestrial species(which I currently don’t keep) so your setup might give me inspiration. also which Cuora species is her?
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    Is grass greener on the other side where grazers roam?

    Hi, I just registered to this forum even though I don’t have any tortoise right now. Even though I lived with turtles(both semi-aquatic and semi-terrestrial) for over 30 years, I have never ventured out to mysterious and majestic territory of Testudinidae family. I would like to read around and...