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    they never give up

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    Love in the air

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    Gopher tortoise preservation spurs profitable cottage industry

    A shame we have to put them through all this at least there are people able to help out.
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    Some great news

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    Heart outside body

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    Planning new indoor enclosure

    Wow looks really great. With that high ceiling are you able to keep the heat in?
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    Love in the air

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    Baby torts

    wow they are going to be big. NICE
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    Baby torts

    That's fantastic good to hear they are doing well.
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    Sick Galapagos Tortoise

    I know Camp Kenan is not a great source but a video I have seen he went to someones house who raises Galapagos Tortoises. He had a sick tortoise that they found out gets very sick around once a year not eating can barely walk and they found it was endophytes in the hay causing the animal to get...
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    I planted in regular soil no sand no problem
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    Any cactus connoisseurs?

    I had ordered some opuntia pads and instead of feeding I planted them in pots. They are now huge and the torts love it. They do grow very quickly and are easy to grow. I take them in for the winter and out during the summer. Just stick them in the dirt.
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    Baby torts

    They look great. I can already see they are more domed than regular sulacatas.
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    Winter Food Supply

    Go to a place like Tractor Supply and they have orchard grass pellets. Or to a place that sells hay for horses and you should be good. If your tortoise doesn't like the dry pellets or hay you can just add water a re hydrate them.
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    which grass is it?

    Looks nice to me.
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6438931/Toddler-girl-enjoys-ride-tortoise-adorable-video.html Don't try this at home.
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    orchard hay

    Yes I know.
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    orchard hay

    My guy has finally started to eat orchard grass hay without soaking:). I also give him orchard grass pellets that I soak he wont eat the pellets unless I soak them as they are hard and made for horses. I like to give him the pellets a couple times a week just for the water content. He does have...
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    Fighting himself