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  1. William Lee Kohler

    Gender neutral name for a Hermanns

    Shirley or Sue:cool:.
  2. William Lee Kohler

    Can’t find Orchid Bark, will this work?

    Does Las Vegas Exotics sell any supplies like this? Check their website,
  3. William Lee Kohler

    Buckwheat, it's not wheat - but maybe a good tortoise food

    As I read your original post I was thinking try some of it in pancake form.. Also has benefit of being non dusty and easy to eat. Now I'm interested!:eek: I wonder if some of the "problems" mentioned are because of the dust from eating it in dry form?
  4. William Lee Kohler

    Questions (What species? and what substrate to use)

    Nice smooth almost reverse pyramided natural growth;). I'd also guess less than one years growth as many or most tortoises(chelonians)seem to more than double in size in the first year if healthy.
  5. William Lee Kohler

    Questions (What species? and what substrate to use)

    While "tending" to agree with speckii could it possibly be any other such as lobatsiana?
  6. William Lee Kohler

    Need help sexing baby Redfoot Tortoise

    Tail looks to be male and shell seems starting to develop a "waist" but is plastron becoming concave? If so then Male but if pretty flat than probably girl. My vote is a boy.
  7. William Lee Kohler

    Dried yolk sac won't fall off.

    Personally I'd just use triple antibiotic ointment. It will seal off if not done already and be left behing soon.
  8. William Lee Kohler

    Male or female sulcata

    Ask yourself this question: Considering how big Sulcatas get and how many are being put into rescues already do you really want to bring more into the world to face a bleak future?:confused:
  9. William Lee Kohler

    Please Dont let this tort suffer

    The problem is the Sulcata. It's going to get big fast if properly cared for and need a room sized place to live. The Hermans won't.
  10. William Lee Kohler

    My angulate

    How sad😭. So sorry. All seemed so well.
  11. William Lee Kohler

    How to keep out flies?

    Sure there is not a dead mouse or rat somewhere in there? I had that exact problem some months ago and that's what it was. An apparent injured escapee from one of my cats found a place to hide and then died.
  12. William Lee Kohler

    Tort ID Question

    Ignorance is great. That helps the rest of us look like Einsteins if we know anything at all😂.
  13. William Lee Kohler

    How much are vet costs for tortoises?

    Vet costs? WAY too much!
  14. William Lee Kohler

    Can i use this as a tortoise house?

    When you cut a hole in it sand around the edges to remove any sharpness;).
  15. William Lee Kohler

    Need opinions on this RF Tortoise please. This is a tortoise I am considering buying-

    More Doolittles this world could use:<3:! See if you can talk the seller down on price as I always do on general principles. Cost is all up to you whether the critter is worth it and you have the bucks to spend.
  16. William Lee Kohler

    Need identification

    Funny it's started to grow so maybe a month or so old but isn't all dirty from burrowing or being in the dirt. Unless maybe in a flood it should not be that clean if wild. Maybe is an escapee from captivity?
  17. William Lee Kohler


    I don't think he has to remain a runt. IF well cared for I think his growth and life are really just beginning. He just has a late/slow start------- until now.:<3:;)
  18. William Lee Kohler

    Are you still active on the forum?

    Are you still active on the forum?
  19. William Lee Kohler

    Comment by 'William Lee Kohler' in media 'New Baby! Meet Yoda'

    These look like Homes or Schweiggers Hingebacks. Is this correct?