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  1. J

    TFO Upgrades

    Since bmynear2 is the same as your email address (shown here), is it possible that you logged in thru Google at some point and that made the second account?
  2. J

    Soil for growing edible flowers

    Top soil, or soil in general is heavier than I like for growing mediums. I use coco coir (or peat) with compost mixed in.
  3. J

    Sulcata plastron starting to concave?

    Some females may have some concavedness, it's just not as deep as males. The tail still looks female.
  4. J


    idk still reminds me of Tremors whenever i see one
  5. J

    TFO Upgrades

    Under the text box, do you have an "attach files" button? (on other threads, it looks like its disabled in this thread)
  6. J

    The recipe and food discussion thread ♥

    Someone brought up kiwis recently so idk I've been on a bit of a kick. https://jerryjamesstone.com/recipe/simple-kiwi-salsa/ I added diced mango to it also. Wasn't bad, but when I make it again, I think I'll blend/puree the mango to make a base and make it more sals-y.
  7. J

    hi from Dubai

    Welcome back to the forum :tort:
  8. J

    CHE overheated remarkably

    I'm pretty sure I've measured temperature significantly hotter on CHE, like 700F+, so it doesnt seem that abnormal.
  9. J

    The recipe and food discussion thread ♥

    Baconator is maybe the best driving burger tho. Bread, meat, cheese, bacon. No salad to fall off.
  10. J

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    I've been thinking about getting an early start too. This is either the mildest winter I can remember, or theres a wallop coming soon.
  11. J

    Doll collecting forums? I cannot find any!

    I know the feeling, I think I became interested in soap when I was like 23. Decades younger than the main demographic of soap makers.
  12. J

    Hello from Canada!!

    Welcome to the forum :tort:
  13. J


    Welcome to the forum :tort:
  14. J

    Can you explain lighting to me?

    The idea behind the red and blue lights is that different portions of the light spectrum have different effects on plants, tho I've read things suggesting that using the lights that only have red and/or blue can actually be less optimal. I guess it would be analogous to using...
  15. J


    Mr. Peanut shrine
  16. J


    Do you have any idea where you want to end up eventually?
  17. J

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    I also didn't realize Taco Cabana was so regional
  18. J

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    @Jacqui When you talked about going to Taco John's, I imagined some kind of local place. John's built himself quite the taco empire.
  19. J

    Bulbs keep breaking!

    How long are they lasting before breaking? Are they all breaking like the one in the picture, at the neck/socket? Unless theres a batch of bad bulbs, breaking at the neck/socket is usually caused by over tightening.
  20. J

    What happen to the tail?

    It didnt show for me at first either. Try right click and 'load image' or 'view image' or something similiar