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  1. jsheffield

    Reptile Beginner-Andrea

    Welcome to TFO! You'll find lots of great posts/info HERE Jamie
  2. jsheffield


    Welcome to TFO! Jamie
  3. jsheffield


    Welcome to TFO! Jamie
  4. jsheffield

    Bath time!

    All of my torts poop in the bath, but it's my Redfoot who really unloads during soaks.... Jamie
  5. jsheffield

    Orchid Bark

    I got a brick of the compressed coconut husks from Amazon, and I couldn't believe how much it expanded when broken up... I've been using that over cypress mulch and orchid bark from HD. J
  6. jsheffield

    Orchid Bark

    I'm still troubled/confused by the admonition against pine... orchid bark is made from fir or redwood (both pines) and cypress mulch is made from cypress (also a pine). I use a mix of cypress mulch, orchid bark, and coconut husk... I can't help thinking the prohibition against pine is a...
  7. jsheffield

    Two More Hatchling Kinixys Homeana

    Wonderful! Jamie
  8. jsheffield

    New to forum

    Welcome to TFO! Jamie
  9. jsheffield

    Hello, let me introduce myself!

    Welcome to TFO! Jamie
  10. jsheffield

    MEP hatchling, Aretha

    I haven't posted a picture of Aretha in a while... here's one of her soaking away the afternoon. Jamie
  11. jsheffield

    Found in rough shape

    Wow! Watching this thread with interest... I would think some mix of antifungal and antibiotic goo. Jamie
  12. jsheffield

    Zoo Med and Dried Flowers and Herbs

    I use a variety of dried flowers and other plants to help my torts make it through the winter months.... Jamie
  13. jsheffield

    New home for South American Redfoot

    done j
  14. jsheffield

    Holding Humidity

    Is that a ping pong ball? Jamie
  15. jsheffield

    Hi. This is our female named Rojo

    Welcome to TFO and thanks for sharing your picture... Rojo's lovely! Jamie
  16. jsheffield

    New home for South American Redfoot

    I'd love to see a picture of her... I've been thinking about adding a redfoot or two to the one I'm already living with.... Jamie
  17. jsheffield

    Barbados turtles

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing... I'd love to see more pics of the torts and where/how they live. I love the thought of letting my torts (or some of them anyway) live outside year around someday in the future, when I move to a place without so much winter. Jamie
  18. jsheffield

    New Owner Needs Help!

    https://www.tortoiseforum.org/forums/russian-tortoises.81/ The above link will take you to the Russian sub-forum of TFO... there are numerous guides on caring for your new tortoise. Welcome to TFO! It's a great place to learn about tortoises. Jamie
  19. jsheffield

    What should I feed my russian tortoise???

    I feed my Russian mostly weeds and flowers and a "greens mix". I give him Mazuri or zoo-med kibble 1-2 times per week. Once in awhile, I give him some pumpkin or butternut squash. I occasionally sprinkle a bit of calcium or vitamin powder on his food... I also make my own version using...
  20. jsheffield

    Help bath!!!!

    I aim for 95F with all of my torts' baths.... Jamie