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  1. T Smart

    Russian babies

    Give this a read! Baby Russian Tortoise care sheet (also for other herbivorous tortoise species) https://tortoiseforum.org/index.php?threads/Baby-Russian-Tortoise-care-sheet-%28also-for-other-herbivorous-tortoise-species%29.107734/ I wouldn’t suggest leaving them out. Too much can go wrong...
  2. T Smart

    My small herd photos

    Man, you’ve got some beautiful tortoises!
  3. T Smart


    Very cool! Just curious, what does the outdoor enclosure look like?
  4. T Smart


    The idea makes me nervous too! I’ve been reading up on the subject a lot, and might try this winter.
  5. T Smart

    Please help - russian tortoise pet hasnt eaten in 1.5 weeks!

    Hi, Do you mind posting a picture of the setup? What are the temperatures within the enclosure? Considering that it sounds more like a setup / husbandry issue, I don’t see a need to visit the vet. There are very experienced members here that can help. If you haven’t already, take a quick...
  6. T Smart


    Welcome to the forum!
  7. T Smart

    New property on the Imperial River

    Hey Greg, how’s the property coming along?
  8. T Smart

    Tortoise flipped in soak

    I’m glad you got back in time! I’ve never had that problem. Sounds very scary. I’m sure you weren’t very far, but try to make a habit of being around while he’s soaking. Lots of members, including myself, will prepare food, clean the enclosure, etc. during soaks. Also, what container are you...
  9. T Smart

    Need help identifying new tortoise

  10. T Smart

    Re: Outdoor enclosure for rocky

    Hope this gives you some ideas! It’s far from perfect, but Harrison, my Russian, loves it.
  11. T Smart


    Many on the forum love orchid bark as a substrate. I personally use coconut coir and cypress mulch, even though it tends to get messy...
  12. T Smart

    Who shares your tortoise enclosure with your tortoise?

    One of Harrison’s favorite hiding spots is an old rabbit nest.
  13. T Smart

    Russian tortoise Heat lamp;UVB;dark;protein

    Hi welcome! Sounds like the veterinarian wasn’t much help. Your best bet is to stick with advice on the forum. This is great care sheet to read. Russian Tortoise Care Sheet https://tortoiseforum.org/index.php?threads/Russian-Tortoise-Care-Sheet.80698/ I’ll try to answer all your...
  14. T Smart

    Help with ID (Mediterranean Tortoise)

    He’s a Russian tortoise
  15. T Smart

    Chance The Snapper Is Snared: Alligator Caught After A Wild Week In Chicago Park

    Glad they caught him. It’s been all over the news here!
  16. T Smart

    Shell comparison

    He was most likely raised too dry. Don’t worry! Like stated above, it’s only cosmetic and isn’t that severe. As for your other question, my only thought would be that most Russians you see are wild caught, which have little if any pyramiding. Captive bred Russians tend to have bumps due to...