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  1. tyler0912

    Not sure on the new TFO :/ ... Rather hard to navigate/

    Not sure on the new TFO :/ ... Rather hard to navigate/
  2. tyler0912

    Prom dresssss?

    I think mine will be Black with white detailing and a colourful bow tie
  3. tyler0912

    Prom dresssss?

    Yeah, i want colourful. Someone last year had Blue and Red which was Awesome!
  4. tyler0912

    Prom dresssss?

    I have to decide on a suit yet, Not wanting something Grey or Black. Don't want to be a sheep! ahahahahah DILEMMA
  5. tyler0912

    Blackpool Zoo Feb 2013

    No matter how many times i go, I never see the redfoots, or any tortoises other than the sulcatas. I can never find them Sorry i know this is an old thread :l
  6. tyler0912

    Favorite amphibian

    I like the common toads (Bufo bufo) over here. They so cute and squishy lookinh ^.^ Also i find Great crested newts intresting but they are protected here! :)
  7. tyler0912

    is it ok to house cheery head with burmese brown?

    I love your enclosure. And i would say no to mixing as all tortoises pick up different disease etc and all species have different immune systems due to where they originate from.
  8. tyler0912

    I just can't decide: leopard or redfoot?

    REDFOOT! I'm kinda bias.. But they have great personalities very outgoing and love to follow you..Constantly!
  9. tyler0912

    Redfoot Question

    Box turtles and RF's diet are very similair! Red-foots need high humidity (80%) And heat. (75-80o cool side 95-100o basking spot) Red like to hide alot...so plants and hides! etc...I cant answer much more as you've not asked anything specific!
  10. tyler0912

    Tortoises CAN swim

    Mine do this also. I know that CDT seem to sink.
  11. tyler0912

    Colorful critter

    I'll keep him for you ;)
  12. tyler0912

    Good news and bad news about new tort

    Try pumpkin seeds and butternut squash as a natural wormer!
  13. tyler0912

    Letting them roam

    Do you mean aswel as an enclosure? Or Instead Of? IMHO I Dont Like To They Could Eat Things With You Knowing. There Sneakier Than You Think..
  14. tyler0912

    OK Just thought of a name ......

    Solo, Like TerryO's Pio And Solo :') I like...Very Cute:P
  15. tyler0912

    Does your tortoise ever have an "off" day where it doesn't eat?

    any change in behaviour is a worry, i'd check the temps etc, and like stated try feeding something sweet and thats not fead often :)
  16. tyler0912

    SILLY PIC- my new purchase for my phone case

    All i can say is there horrific as i refuse to try them ;)
  17. tyler0912

    Naturally Planted Enclosures!! Post.

    Terry....how about a visit to the UK
  18. tyler0912

    Naturally Planted Enclosures!! Post.

    So yes, i want a natural planted enclosure, i have seen peoples like TerryO's Theyre Stunning. Just Tietá is a bulldozer. haha So please can people post pictures of there natural enclosures on this thread? Photos... Im looking for ideas. I like the idea of my tortoises hiding in foliage...
  19. tyler0912

    Redfoots Basking

    Oh. Okay I Got Confused. OP Said It's You That Thinks Its A Myth So You Have Both Got The Wrong End Of The Stick?