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  1. jeffbens0n

    Russian Tortoise Shell

    Looks normal for a wild caught tortoise.
  2. jeffbens0n

    What sex is Bobo?

    It does look like a girl. But they all look like girls at that size. I'd say you need a little more size before you will know for sure. I've had one a little bigger that I was sure was a female, and as soon as it hit the 4 inch mark it "became" a male. :)
  3. jeffbens0n

    Adult female mounting male

    I hope it's the latter yvonne!! This male and female have only been together a couple months.
  4. jeffbens0n

    Adult female mounting male

    First time I've seen it. The male she mounting also mounts her. They were both eating mazuri out of the dish he's in. He must have taken over too much of the dish and she decided she didn't like that.
  5. jeffbens0n

    Adult female mounting male

    Has anyone ever experienced a female leopard mounting a male? I've seen this before with with my female Russians but not with my Leo. It was during feeding time so I'm sure it's just a dominance thing. Female is 6 and a half years old and 14.5 inches. I took this photo through the window because...
  6. jeffbens0n

    Questions for the experts

    You mean the shed is resting on pallets? If so, you will still want to insulate if you can. The floor is likely just 3/4 inch plywood I would guess? That doesn't give much insulation. I have my shed set up off the ground on 4x4s and a lot of cold comes through the floor. I raised my floor...
  7. jeffbens0n

    Questions for the experts

    Another thing to consider is insulating the floor. A lot of cold will come up through the floor. You might want to consider building the floor up a couple inches so you can add some insulation to it.
  8. jeffbens0n

    Russian tortoise yearling coco coir issue

    Not using coil bulbs. I'm using power suns, been using them for years. (Different bulbs of course) Tom, I didn't know you had Russians, are you breeding them? Is there a thread about it?
  9. jeffbens0n

    Russian tortoise yearling coco coir issue

    I have a couple Russian tortoise yearlings that seem to be having some eye issues. I keep all my adults on cypress and my hatchlings I've always kept on coco coir because I like its ability to hold humidity and it's not as messy as dirt or some other substrates. I've never had issues before, but...
  10. jeffbens0n

    Help with adopting a tortoise in PA

    The OP is not asking for a free tortoise. They are asking if someone would either adopt the tortoise for themselves, or adopt it and ship it at the OP's expense.
  11. jeffbens0n

    New to Torts, Russian not eating

    Russian tortoises tend to slow down a bit when they sense the season is changing. If they are inside, you need to make sure their enclosure is warm(often times our houses are colder in the winter so make sure he's not getting any drafts) and also make sure he is getting a good 13-14 hours of...
  12. jeffbens0n

    Shipping 8.5lb 12in sully from MI

    Eric, or anyone else... Does anyone have any idea what the process is to become a verified shipper through either fedex or ups?
  13. jeffbens0n

    Don't forget to check the incubator!

    Ben, I've had the same issue with vermiculite(with Russian eggs) and have been looking into hatchrite, perlite, and super hatch. I'd like to try something different for the next clutch.
  14. jeffbens0n

    Need information on mazuri

    Definitely soak it to soften it for a Russian. Especially if he's never had it before.
  15. jeffbens0n

    Mazuri competitor?

    Marion. http://www.marionzoological.com/reptile/
  16. jeffbens0n

    New member with Russian Tortoise in need of home

    Hi Kathleen, I'm having trouble with the PM system and my messages don't appear to he going through to you. Send me an email and we can figure it out from there. [email protected]
  17. jeffbens0n

    New member with Russian Tortoise in need of home

    They do well in groups when they have enough space, which mine do. I keep them outdoors in the summer and in a heated tortoise shed in the winter. I separate the males from the females in the winter and haven't had any problems with aggression.
  18. jeffbens0n

    New member with Russian Tortoise in need of home

    Kathleen, I have a group of 6 Russian tortoises and would be glad to take rascal if you'd like. I am located in glenmoore, pa. (Southeastern pa) PM me if interested. Thanks!
  19. jeffbens0n

    Help sexing russian tortoise

    Definitely male.
  20. jeffbens0n

    Does anyoneknow te ideal temp for a horsefield tortoise basking spot

    I like plain old organic soil. You could also put a thin layer of cypress mulch on top of the soil if you are worried about the soil getting everywhere.