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  1. turtlesailor

    Muccia and her eggs

    Today my mom saw my female European Pond Turtle out of the pond. She looks very dry and covered in spider webs. I wetted her with cool water. But for now I placed her in a tub with some organic dirt. Hopefully she will lay but she feel slightly less heavy than before? So that might be a sign she...
  2. turtlesailor

    Spotted Turtle Love

    Melie is my newest Spotted Turtle. She arrived today from a local breeder. I’m very happy with her. There might be 2 more additional hatchling I might receive from the breeder from his upcoming clutch of eggs. :p Melie All four of them. Clememce Neige and Lindy
  3. turtlesailor

    Big fan of European Pond Turtles

    These are the last pair available from Turtles&Tortoise Inc. “ European Pond Turtle Lake Orhid locality” I just need to figure out which subspecies they belong to. o_O The female face may look bad. At least Jay admitted she has bad cosmetic look. I was able to get a discount on her. It look...
  4. turtlesailor

    Clemence new home

    Clemence was my first Spotted Turtle. I wanted to upgrade all of my spotted turtles with a medium waterland tub. Since I realize Clemence is a male and I want to acquire more females. It be best if Clemence has his own setup not to harassed the future females. But in the mean time, I might...
  5. turtlesailor

    I have a name for her finally...

    I struggled to find a name for my Mauremys. I notice they were absent from the pond enclosure. It been three weeks with no sign of them. I ripped out the massive water lilies, removed some pond sediment to go find them. I was completely startled. That meant they are somewhere in the dense...
  6. turtlesailor

    They came today...

    These precious babies came today. I’m very happy with I have them temporarily out in the outdoor guppy pond. While I prep out their inside tub. Eventually they will be housed in a 55 gallon aquarium. Their name are Esmeraude (The Nicaraguan Slider) and Calaveras (Belize...
  7. turtlesailor

    I couldn’t resist Crimson Rubeus

    I couldn’t resist this guy...I saw him at my local Petsmart. Had to buy this beauty. His name is Crimson Rubeus!
  8. turtlesailor

    Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima Enclosure?

    Would 48” x 24” enclosure be fine for one Rhinoclemmys? I have space to dedicate a 55 gallon aquarium for Australian Rainbowfish biotope but I'm having cold feet to do place large aquarium of full water like that on a dresser. I’m thinking dedicating a suitable animal that either semi aquatic...
  9. turtlesailor

    Emys or Mauremys?

    I just acquired these turtles from a vendor out in Las Vegas via phone order. I saw their ad on kingsnake classifies. they have label them as European Pond Turtles “Iberian locality”. But regardless of the photo of being hunch they look like Mauremys Leprosa-Spanish Pond Turtles...
  10. turtlesailor

    This morning

    Just one of my babies...❤️
  11. turtlesailor

    Medium Waterland Tub vs. Laguna Pond Basin for Spotted Turtle

    I am looking to make an outdoor Spotted Turtle enclosure in my shaded patio area. I am looking to move all three into there. So they can have access to natural sunlight permanently. There is a spot in the patio to fit perfectly a Medium Waterland tub. But I initially want Laguna Pond tub (The...
  12. turtlesailor Balkan terrapin

    Pictures of Balkan terrapin during late fall.
  13. turtlesailor

    Rivulata or Caspica?

    Are these Mauremys Rivulata or M. Caspica? Looking to consider buying one, since ad says they are Syrian local.
  14. turtlesailor

    My turtles

    Here is some pics of my turtles: Melo-my Diamondback Terrapin Clemence- My oldest Spotted Turtle and my first ever Spotted Turtle. My other Spotted turtles. They have no name...want to wait until I know their sex. Ganymede- Emys Orbicularis Galloitalica. I don't know the common...
  15. turtlesailor

    Any ways to...

    I would one day like to have a vacation home in Las Vegas...I read that Nevada only allow one tortoise to be adopted per household/member? Is their any way to adopt more than one like adding my family members even if they won't be part of the my future las vegas residence home? :P
  16. turtlesailor

    Two female be fine

    Can two female box turtle be fine in a enclosure that 5' L by 2' W? If not maybe I will get Ornate Wood Turtle instead.
  17. turtlesailor

    Zoomed Turtle Dock Experiment

    Hey guys, I just want to show you something...when I bought my Zoo Med Turtle Dock a year ago? (I don't remember when I bought it lol) When I tried to attach the suction cups onto the hanger it broke, now I decided to put two spider plants into the hole where you attach the hanger in. I am going...
  18. turtlesailor

    Last video of my tortoise

    My last film of my kinda like a memoir for myself... I sold of my tortoise two month ago and I do miss him but he is in a better home where his new owner can provide his needs as he grows older. Enjoy the video.
  19. turtlesailor

    a video of my tortoise

    Here is my redfooted tortosie eating... I hope you guys enjoy! :]
  20. turtlesailor

    outside temperature

    At what temperature do you keepers keep your redfoot tortoise inside? I began to wonder what temperature can redfoot tortoise tolerate in the colder months...if i am going to keep in outside for this upcoming summer...I live in the desert where it can get extremely hot in the summer and winters...