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  1. DJ Kirk

    After over a year FINALLY....

    ... got my redfoot "Taco" to eat out of my hand regularly That is all Just sharing
  2. DJ Kirk

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    All torts when moved go off their food for a while. Every time I switch enclosures with my redfoot he goes off food for 5-10 days. In nature it's not uncommon for torts to stop eating. If it's last more than 10 days I 'd worry then. Just keep offering fresh foods.
  3. DJ Kirk

    Housing a redfoot outdoors in uk is this possible

    There is no way you could house a redfoot outdoors in the UK. No way there would ever be enough high humidity.
  4. DJ Kirk

    Early signs of pyramiding

    Looks fine to me Good growth Forget the basking spot Use a CHE for extra heat and UVB strip light Be careful to to overdose on the repti-vite extra calcium
  5. DJ Kirk

    Orange Day Lily toxic?

    Orange Day Lily (Hemerocallis fulva) OK to feed Redfoots this flower? It's gone crazy growing on our property. Flowers only last a day and are bright orange with some yellow. My neighbors refer to them as "tiger lily" but I don't think that's right. Tiger Lily (Lilium lancifolium) are...
  6. DJ Kirk

    CHE vs RHP for Ambient/Night Heating

    I am on team CHE in this debate RHP's are overly expensive and unnecessary IMHO
  7. DJ Kirk

    How To Line New Enclosure -

    I used a heavy shower curtain and then attached it on the sides (inside) about 5" up with gorilla tape. Has worked perfectly fine for almost a year. Good thing about the tape is its waterproof and seals every gap.
  8. DJ Kirk

    Is 99% humidity way too high?

    My enclosure gets to 99% at night and drops to 85-90% during the day Ambient at 80F with a few warmer spot in the 90-100F range during day - when main CHE's go off at night my ambient drops to 70-75F around the room temperature the enclosure is in with one small night bulb that rises one spot at...
  9. DJ Kirk

    Indoor enclosure ideas HELP

    After looking around this site and getting advice this is what I constructed last summer for my redfoot. It is still going strong, no leaks, no smells, no mold. Works great.
  10. DJ Kirk

    Outdoor "DAY" enclosure

    I was thinking about putting things in but he just won't spend that much time in it. Totally temporary. Just wanted some thing clean and easy to move.
  11. DJ Kirk

    Outdoor "DAY" enclosure

    Finally built a new day enclosure for my 1 yr old redfoot June -Sept is the only viable time I can get the little turd outside and I'll never leave him out overnight - too many raccoons, skunks, and cats in my neighbourhood. First day out today as the temp was +85F and high humidity makes it...
  12. DJ Kirk


    Both my 18" T5's blew out yesterday - ON THE SAME DAY? Unbelievable. What are the odds? Usually wouldn't bother me as if I order a new one on Amazon I get it in 1-2 days. But now? Amazon says May 24 - 27 window! Hopefully my shelled friends will be OK in the dark for a week! LOL 🐢🌘💡
  13. DJ Kirk

    My red foot eats dirt & roots...

    Your tort might be just exploring. If it's a new enclosure it'll take a while for it to get settled and figure things out.
  14. DJ Kirk


    I offer a boiled egg once a month to supplement protein I also offer mealworms every so often (2-3x/month) But I do use pellets once a week and the one I use has protein Too much protein is not good for a RF
  15. DJ Kirk

    Panic buying

    Panic buying is being overbown by the media. That's all. Went to my local supermarket yesterday and they had everything I needed - sure the shelves were a little understocked but lots for everyone. Maybe it's different in other areas but here we seem to be fine. Get a grip people. Don't hoard...
  16. DJ Kirk

    Weight of baby Redfoot

    I'm not sure. Probably depends on a lot of factors. I know the exact age of mine because I got it from a reputable breeder it's birthdate was May 11, 2019
  17. DJ Kirk

    Weight of baby Redfoot

    At 10 months currently my RF hatchling is at 7.4oz or about 210g To me that seems normal and at the rate mine is growing it'll be near 300g for the 1st year Under 100g at 10 months and I'd start to get worried
  18. DJ Kirk

    Good growth? Weight?

    My hatchling RF (well almost a year old) went from 5.3oz to 7.4oz in just 2 months And gained 0.5" in length Personally, I think that pretty good for 60 days Just wondering what some of the RF experts here think?
  19. DJ Kirk

    My first month as a new red foot owner & what I learned...

    Depending on the species, sexing a tort cannot be done until after several years