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  1. David Salas

    Brumation and Hybrids

    I have a baby CB hybrid box turtle, and since it has Florida Eastern, 3 toed and ornate genes, I was wondering if it may have an inability to brumate, I'm thinking because of the Florida location . I live in South Carolina and winter's here are colder then Florida but milder then up north.?????
  2. David Salas

    Homes tortoise (strange species)

    A little about myself, I'm 61 years old and have had and loved lizards and tortoises since I was in my teens, I have a quince monitor, a Uromastyx , an ackie monitor and my new Homes tortoise. It arrived on Friday and I find this peculiar species very different from the redfoot and desert...
  3. David Salas

    Homes Hidgeback tortoise

    I just got a homes tortoise, have read as much as I can about this odd species, got him yesterday, will he always be so shy? Looking to buy or adopt another medium size one