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    Baby Red Foot not pooping

    I’ve had my Hatchling a little under two weeks. I give him daily soaks ( twice a day for about 20 minutes each time ) I feed him 5 days a week but he doesn’t eat much, a couple chomps here and there. His humidity is good in the mid 80’s and I have a basking side that hits around 90’s and the...
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    Thermostat for CHE

    Does anyone know where I could get a thermostat for the CHE for cheap ? I saw one on that’s about $25? Is that a good price or does anyone have a link to someplace that has it cheaper ?
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    Substrate feels a bit cold and damp

    I have a baby red foot ( just got it two days ago ) and I do have a CHE and a UVB light. The CHE is on one side of the enclosure and it gets to about 90 degrees. The middle of the enclosure is also fairly warm with about 80 degrees, but the problem is the far ( dark/cold side ) it’s about 75...
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    Baby Red Foot won’t eat

    my baby red foot arrived yesterday from CB reptiles. I live in California so the humidity isn’t that high and I try to raise its humidity with misting and using Cypress mulch. I have a humid hide that contains orchid moss. I’ve soaked my tortoise twice today and twice yesterday in warm water. It...
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    Baby Red Foot Tortoise owner, advice needed

    Help !! I’ve done so much research about my baby. Some people say no basking area needed some say to have one that’s 95 degrees. Some say they don’t need much UVB light others say they need a good amount of it. I’ve heard so much things that contradict each other so I just need to know what to...
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    First time Red Footed Tortoise owner

    My hatchling just arrived this morning. I live in Bakersfield California, and to keep the humidity high I misted its enclosure ( it’s indoors) and I use cypress for its bedding. I also put orchid moss soaked in water inside one of its hideouts. I tried giving him/her food earlier but Apollo...