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  1. tortoiseluvr

    Changing Incubators

    Hi Everyone! I have 2 pancake eggs in an incubator right now. I just candled them and one is definitely fertile:D There are some veins and I can see a little embryo. I would like to get a better incubator that is easier to monitor temperature and humidity, so I was wondering if it would be...
  2. tortoiseluvr

    Pancake Tortoise Question...

    I have three and I would say the personality varies for each tortoise. One of the females is very outgoing and likes her head rubbed, but the other female, who I have had the longest, is pretty shy along with the male. Mine generally spend most of the time tuck in hiding spots, but at feeding...
  3. tortoiseluvr

    What Temps do you Incubate?

    I incubate my pancake eggs around 86-88F and 70% humidity.
  4. tortoiseluvr

    Multiple Males?

    I have been working on a pancake tortoise breeding project for about 2 years now (1 male, 2 females), and my 2 females have both recently produced an egg (one currently in the incubator, but the other broke in the incubator :( I think the one still in the incubator is infertile, but now I know...
  5. tortoiseluvr

    Housing Question...

    That was my biggest concern because they could do something that wouldn't be a problem with an adult, but could injure a hatchling. They climb all over each other and stack which is typical for pancakes but I am concerned that a hatchling could get hurt.
  6. tortoiseluvr

    Housing Question...

    I have three adult (1 male, 2 female) pancake tortoises currently living together. Both females have laid an egg recently and appear that they may lay more soon. I am hoping I might have a fertile egg, but if not I am still interested in acquiring a hatchling to raise. I have been wondering...
  7. tortoiseluvr

    Pancake Tortoise Egg... Help Please!

    The egg is in the incubator... so cross your fingers that it is fertile!
  8. tortoiseluvr

    Pancake Tortoise Egg... Help Please!

    Thanks for the information! I just bought a little giant still air incubator from a feed store, and I am getting it set up. I will move the egg after about 24hrs. When is a good time to candle it?
  9. tortoiseluvr

    Pancake Tortoise Egg... Help Please!

    I have a trio of pancake tortoises, and today I noticed one of the females acting strangely. Turns out she was laying an egg! This is a pleasant surprise, but I have never had a tortoise lay an egg before. Needless to say I could use some help. I am kicking myself for not buying an incubator at...
  10. tortoiseluvr

    Pancake update

    I have to agree with everyone else that they have very soft shells and a vet that may not have a lot of experience with pancakes might not realize that is normal. I had the same issue with my vet when I brought in one of my pancakes with a separate problem and she was shocked by the softness of...
  11. tortoiseluvr

    RADIATING Photos

    Wow! You have some amazing tortoises on your hands figuratively and literally :)
  12. tortoiseluvr

    Elderly Rats

    This is an overdue update but better late than never :) I took the rats to the vet and it turns out that Remmie had an pneumonia and they both had fur mites. I got some medicine and Remmie is doing much better and they are both less itchy. Remmie will be on the medicine for the rest of his life...
  13. tortoiseluvr

    New to the tortoise world

    Welcome! Sorry I can't be much help with your questions but you have come to the right place for answers :)
  14. tortoiseluvr

    Pancake Time!!!

    I have not checked this section in a while, but I am happy you have given me an excuse to write about pancakes because not too many people talk about them on the forum. Pancakes like security and places to hide, so if they have enough places to hide you will never see them. They do well on a...
  15. tortoiseluvr

    Our New Pancake

    She is a beautiful pancake and I love her markings. Nice enclosure :)
  16. tortoiseluvr

    Hermit crab's

    Huhh I never thought about getting hermit crabs to work as a cleanup crew. I could really use one if they are a good cleanup crew but it probably won't work since my tortoises all live in desert environments.
  17. tortoiseluvr

    Elderly Rats

    Thanks for all of the advice. It is unfortunate they have such a short lifespan. I am taking him to the vet on Thursday to get advice. I am going to see if there is anything I can do to help him and if there is I will help him. If he is suffering terribly and is not going to get better then I...
  18. tortoiseluvr

    Elderly Rats

    I have two elderly rats who are almost two years old. I am extremely concerned about one of them whose name is Remmie. He has gotten very skinny despite the plentiful and easily accessible food supply. I am looking for some high calorie things to help him put some more weight on because he is...
  19. tortoiseluvr

    Do only some Tortoises love water?

    I think it depends on the tortoise because all of mine react differently. My male pancake will relax and take a good drink and go to the bathroom. Once he is done he wants out, but one of my females wants out right away. My other female pancake could care less about water and it does not bother her.
  20. tortoiseluvr

    Making the tough decision with little Conan

    I am so sorry and my sympathy goes out to you. It sounds like you did everything in your power to help him. I am sure he lived out his last days with love.