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    Escapee leopard got too cold

    Hey everyone, my 6 year old leopard tortoise managed to escape his outdoor enclosure yesterday (I have already fixed it, he won't escape again), and I wasn't able to find him until this morning. He was out all night with temps in the low 40s, and very low humidity. I immediately brought him...
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    It worked! Thanks everyone!

    I just wanted to thank everyone here, last night it got into the 20s, and I was a little concerned about my outdoor leopard tortoise, but when I went to check on him this morning, he was totally fine in his 80 degree night box that I made based off the information I learned here. The lowest it...
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    rubber floor, humid hides for leopard

    Hello! I'm finally getting ready to build the enclosure for my adult leopard tortoise that I should be getting soon (he's been staying with family). I just want to verify that what I'm planning is ok. I'll be turning a chicken coop into a night box, I have studied Tom's thread, I was just...
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    Ideas/questions for leopard enclosure

    Hello all, I'm getting ready to set up my first tortoise enclosure for an adult leopard tortoise. I live in a pine forest in the CO Springs area, and had been planning on using some old logs around here for the walls, but I'm beginning to second guess that idea. I know not to use pine mulch as...
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    Hello from Colorado Springs

    Hello everyone! I am pretty new to tortoises (although I have decades of experience with other herps), my husband and I bought a baby leopard tortoise and then had to move to Hawaii for a few years, where we obviously could not take him. So he's been fostered at my very wonderful mother in law's...