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  1. bioteach

    One for the books!

    We dote on our adopted Desert Tortoise, a 20+ year old female. Usually, she comes out to graze early in the day and loves her flowers and tasty leaves. She comes right over when we enter her enclosure. We hadn't seen her in a couple of days although the weather was warm and ideal for her. We...
  2. bioteach

    Winter must be over!

    Sunshine emerged from her burrow! Her front claws are worn down from digging herself out; and she is very slow right now. The night temps are only in the high 40's; although it has been in the 70's during the day. She has plenty of food and water, but for now she just prefers to bask for the...
  3. bioteach

    Parasitic Roundworms

    We brought our Desert Tortoise to the vet for her annual checkup and lo and behold, her stool sample was full of roundworm eggs! She appears healthy, eats well, and had no obvious signs of illness; but a large parasite burden can be harmful over time. She has been medicated and will return to...
  4. bioteach

    Who shares your tortoise enclosure with your tortoise?

    Our Desert Tortoise (Sunshine) had an unexpected visitor. When I entered her enclosure to offer her some Hibiscus blossoms that were out of her reach, there was a baby rabbit in her burrow! It was hilarious watching me chasing the rabbit out, and we are working on a better gate. The rabbit...
  5. bioteach

    Hibernation is finally over for "Sunshine" our Desert Tortoise.

    Our wonderful Desert Tortoise has finally decided that she has had enough of winter and had a nice day of basking in the sun and eating everything in sight. She grazed on her Bermuda lawn, ate several Hibiscus leaves, and lots of Globe Mallow blossoms and leaves. It was a long, cold, damp...